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Health and wellness in antiquity through the Middle Ages / William H. York.

York, William Henry, 1968- (författare)
ISBN 9780313378652
Publicerad: Santa Barbara, California : Greenwood, cop. 2012.
Engelska xiv, 251 p.
Serie: Health and wellness in daily life
  • Bok
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • Factors in health and wellness: -- Health and disease in history -- Health, disease, and the body: Disease theory in the ancient Near East: Mesopotamia and Egypt ; Disease theory in the Western medical tradition: Greece, Rome, the Islamic world, and Medieval Europe ; Disease theory in Indian Ayurvedic medicine ; Disease theory in traditional Chinese medicine -- Health and social well-being -- Education and training : learned and non-learned: -- Medical learning in the ancient Near East: Mesopotamia ; Egypt -- Medical learning in the ancient Greek and Roman world: Hippocratic medicine ; Galen and the Hippocratic tradition -- Medical learning in India: The written tradition of Ayurvedia: The origin of the Ayurvedic medical texts ; Medical education -- Medical learning in China: Foundations of traditional Chinese medicine ; The rise of formal medical education -- Medical learning in the Islamic world: Translation and the written tradition of Islamic medicine ; Practitioners and their training -- Medical learning in Medieval Europe: Translation and the rise of universities ; The hierarchy of medical practitioners and the non-learned tradition of Medieval medicine. 
  • Health in infancy, childhood, and old age: Aging and the life cycle in premodern medical theories ; Pediatric medicine: Mesopotamia cures for children ; Egyptian cures for children ; Children and medicine in ancient Greece and Rome ; Pediatric care in the Ayurvedic tradition ; Pediatrics in traditional Chinese medicine ; Childcare and pediatric medicine in Medieval Europe -- Geriatric care in the premodern world -- Infectious disease in the premodern world: -- Studying disease in history -- Epidemics and theories of disease causation -- Smallpox -- Bubonic plague, or the Black Death: The origin and spread of the bubonic plague ; Medical responses to the Black Death in Europe and the Islamic world ; Religious responses to the Black Death ; Popular and civic responses to the Black Death -- Leprosy: Lebrosy in India ; Leprosy in China ; Leprosy in Medieval Europe -- Environmental and occupational hazards: -- Living and working conditions in rural communities -- Living and working conditions in urban centers: Waste and sewage removal ; Fresh water and the risk of lead poisoning ; The risk of fire ; Violence and crime -- Surgery and manual operations: Surgery in ancient Mesopotamia -- Surgery in ancient Egypt -- Surgery in ancient Greece and Rome: Hippocratic surgeons ; Roman surgeons -- Surgery in India: Surgical training and procedures ; Early methods and reconstructive surgery ; Surgery and the Vaidya -- Chinese surgery: The low status of surgery and surgeons ; Moxibustion and acupuncture -- Surgery in the Islamic: Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi -- Surgery in the Medieval west: Surgeons and physicians ; The rise of rational surgery ; Vernacular surgery texts and craft practice. 
  • Religion and medicine: Faith, magic, and healing in Mesopotamia and Egypt: Gods and the causes of disease ; Religious healing in ancient Mesopotamia ; Magical cures in Egypt -- Religious and naturalistic medicine in ancient Greece -- Medicine and religion in India and China: Magic and medicine in early Indian and Chinese civilizations ; Confucianism and Taoism in Chinese medical thought ; Buddhism to Indian medicine -- Faith healing in the Islamic and Christian traditions: Prophetic medicine in the Islamic world ; Magical and miracle cures in Medieval European medicine -- Women's health: -- Gynecology: women's bodies and women's diseases: Mesopotamia and Egypt ; Greek and Roman Gynecological literature ; Gynecology in Ayurvedic medical literature -- Gynecology in traditional Chinese medicine ; Female practitioners and women patients in the Islamic world ; The "Secrets of women" and male physicians in Medieval Europe -- Obstetrics: Managing pregnancy and childbirth: Childbirth in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt ; Childbirth and ancient Greece and Rome ; Childbirth in India ; Childbirth in China ; Childbirth in medieval Europe. 
  • The brain and mental disorders: -- The mind and illness in Mesopotamia and Egypt -- Mental health and humoral medicine in ancient Greece and Rome -- The mind and mental health in Ayurvedic medicine ; Mental illness in traditional Chinese medicine -- Mental illness in Islamic medicine -- Mental illness in Medieval Europe -- The apothecary and his pharmacopeia: -- The pharmacopeia of ancient Mesopotamia -- The Egyptian pharmacopeia -- Greek and Roman pharmacology -- Pharmacy in Ayurvedic medicine: Siddha medicine and alchemical remedies -- The traditional Chinese pharmacopeia: Early materia medica ; Alchemy and pharmaceutical chemistry ; Standardizing materia medica and regulating the drug market -- Pharmacy in the Islamic world -- Medieval European pharmacology -- War and health: -- Weapons and wounds -- Disease and hunger in war -- Siege warfare -- Institutions and health: -- Governmental and religious institutions in Mesopotamia and Egypt: Irrigation systems ; Embalming in ancient Egypt and knowledge of the body -- Institutional support for health and medicine in ancient Greece and Rome: The Museum and the Library of Alexandria, Egypt ; Roman engineering: aqueducts and sewage systems -- Institutional medicine in ancient India -- Health and the state in China -- Hospitals in the Islamic world and medieval Europe -- The Black Death and public health in medieval Europe -- Healing and the arts: -- Encounters with the doctor in art and literature -- The body in medical art. 
  • Health and Wellness in Antiquity through the Middle Ages compares and contrasts health-care practices in seven different cultures from around the world. In considering the range of medical practitioners in each society, and the kinds of health care they provided, it examines the development of a written medical tradition, the methods of medical education, the practice of surgery, and the theories and practices of pharmacy. Other topics include the application of medicine in specific contexts, such as the treatment of women, children, and those with mental illness. Another important theme explored is the impact of religion and state institutions on the development, implementation, and results of medical care as experienced by real people in real life. Throughout, the book offers an international historical perspective, which allows for greater comparative and critical understanding of how different cultural beliefs influenced the development and management of health care. 


Medeltiden  (sao)
Smittsamma sjukdomar  (sao)
Antiken  (sao)
Medicin  -- historia (sao)
Medicin  -- religiösa aspekter (sao)
Health  -- History -- To 1500. (LCSH)
Medicine, Ancient  -- History. (LCSH)
Medicine, Medieval  -- History. (LCSH)
History of Medicine.  (MeSH)
History, Ancient.  (MeSH)
History, Medieval.  (MeSH)
Communicable Diseases  -- history. (MeSH)
Education, Medical  -- history. (MeSH)
General Surgery  -- history. (MeSH)
Materia Medica  -- history. (MeSH)
Medicine, Traditional  -- history. (MeSH)
Mental Disorders  -- history. (MeSH)
Religion and Medicine  -- history. (MeSH)
Women's Health  -- history. (MeSH)
Health  -- history. (MeSH)
Santé  (rero)
Antiquité  (rero)
Moyen âge.  (rero)
Médecine ancienne.  (rero)
Médecine médiévale.  (rero)
Medicine, Ancient.  (fast)
Medicine, Medieval.  (fast)
Hälsa  -- historia (sao)
Santé  -- Histoire. (ram)
Médecine  -- Histoire. (ram)
Communicable diseases  (LCSH)
Middle Ages  (LCSH)
Europe--History--476-1492  (LCSH)
To 1500  (fast)


History.  (fast)


2012 I-805 (NLM)
WZ 51 (NLM)
610.938 (DDC)
V:k (kssb/8 (machine generated))
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