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Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of Stone Age weaponry / edited by Radu Iovita, Katsuhiro Sano.

Iovita, Radu (editor.)
Sano, Katsuhiro (editor.)
ISBN 9401776016
Publicerad: Dordrecht : Springer, [2016]
Engelska xvii, 303 pages
Serie: Vertebrate paleobiology and paleoanthropology, 1877-9077
  • Bok
Innehållsförteckning Ämnesord
  • Part I. Recognizing Weapons : Experimental Approaches. 1. When is a point a projectile? : morphology, impact fractures, scientific rigor, and the limits of inference / Wallace Karl Hutchings ; 2. Identifying weapon delivery systems using macrofracture analysis and fracture propagation velocity : a controlled experiment / Radu Iovita, Holger Schönekess, Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser and Frank Jäger ; 3. Experiments in fracture patterns and impact velocity with replica hunting weapons from Japan / Katsuhiro Sano, Yoshitaka Denda and Masayoshi Oba ; 4. Thirty years of experimental research on the breakage patterns of Stone Age osseous points. Overview, methodological problems and current perspectives / Jean-Marc Pétillon, Hugues Plisson and Pierre Cattelain ; 5. Levers, not springs : how a spearthrower works and why it matters / John C. Whittaker -- Part II. Recognizing Weapons : Archaeological Applications. 6. Hunting lesions in Pleistocene and early Holocene European bone assemblages and their implications for our knowledge on the use and timing of lithic projectile technology / Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser ; 7. Edge damage on 500-thousand-year-old spear tips from Kathu Pan 1, South Africa : the combined effects of spear use and taphonomic processes / Jayne Wilkins and Benjamin J. Schoville ; 8. Projectile damage and point morphometry at the early Middle Paleolithic Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel (Israel) : preliminary results and interpretations / Alla Yaroshevich, Yossi Zaidner and Mina Weinstein-Evron ; 9. Morpho-metric variability of early Gravettian tanged "Font-Robert" points, and functional implications / Annemieke Milks, Rob Dinnis and Matthew Pope ; 10. Early Gravettian projectile technology in southwestern Iberian Peninsula : the double backed and bipointed bladelets of Vale Boi (Portugal) / João Marreiros, Nuno Bicho, Juan Gibaja, João Cascalheira and Telmo Pereira ; 11. Uncertain evidence for weapons and craft tools : functional investigations of Australian microliths / Richard Fullagar ; 12. Projectiles and hafting technology / Veerle Rots -- Part III. Measures of Weapon Performance. 13. Testing archaeological approaches to determining past projectile delivery systems using ethnographic and experimental data / C. Clarkson ; 14. Penetration, tissue damage, and lethality of wood- versus lithic-tipped projectiles / Paul E. Salem and Steven E. Churchill ; 15. Experimental and archeological observations of northern Iberian Peninsula Middle Paleolithic Mousterian point assemblages. Testing the potential use of throwing spears among Neanderthals / Joseba Rios-Garaizar -- Part IV. Weapons as Curated Technologies. 16. More to the point : developing a multi-faceted approach to investigating the curation of Magdalenian osseous projectile points / Michelle C. Langley ; 17. Survivorship distributions in experimental spear points : implications for tool design and assemblage formation / Michael J. Shott -- Part V. Weapons as Cultural and Cognitive Markers. 18. Morphological diversification of stemmed projectile points of Patagonia (southernmost South America). Assessing spatial patterns by means of phylogenies and comparative methods / Marcelo Cardillo and Judith Charlin ; 19. Hunting technologies during the Howiesons Poort at Sibudu Cave : what they reveal about human cognition in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, between ~65 and 62 ka / Marlize Lombard and Lyn Wadley -- Part VI. Conclusions. 20. Summary and conclusions / Radu Iovita and Katsuhiro Sano.


Stenåldern  (sao)
Vapen  (sao)
Stenredskap  (sao)
Weapons, Prehistoric.  (LCSH)
Stone age.  (LCSH)
Tools, Prehistoric.  (LCSH)
Prehistoric peoples.  (LCSH)
Weapons, Ancient.  (LCSH)
Archaeology  -- Methodology. (LCSH)
Prehistoric peoples.  (fast)
Stone age.  (fast)
Tools, Prehistoric.  (fast)
Weapons, Ancient.  (fast)
Weapons, Prehistoric.  (fast)
Archaeology  -- Methodology. (fast)
Stone age  (LCSH)
Weapons  (LCSH)
Stone implements  (LCSH)

Indexterm och SAB-rubrik

J.11 Arkeologi: stenåldern


623.441 (DDC)
J.03 (kssb78)
J.11 (kssb/8)
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