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A treasury of African folklore : the oral literature, traditions, myths, legends, epics, tales, recollections, wisdom, sayings, and humor of Africa / by Harold Courlander.

Courlander, Harold, 1908-1996 (författare)
ISBN 1569248168
Publicerad: 1996
Publicerad: New York : Marlowe & Co. ©1996
Engelska xix, 617 pages
  • Bok
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • The ancient soninke and fulbe epics: Cassire's lute -- The rediscovery of wagadu -- The fight with the bida dragon -- Samba gana -- The blue blood -- The valiant goroo-ba-dicko -- Kanem-bornu: The two traders -- The sau hunter -- The hausa, an account of their origin: Seidu the brave -- Life and death -- The son of the hunter -- The friend and the lion -- Two gizo tales -- The spider and the crows -- Spider deals with the famine -- Contest at the baobab tree -- Three friends across the water -- The strong one (Mende) -- Three fast men (Mende) -- Lion of Manding (Wolof) -- The king of sedo (Wolof) -- The song of Gimmile (Gindo) -- The gluttonous ansige (Karamba) -- The cow-tail switch (Jabo) -- Preachments of the animals (grebo) -- Kru war song -- Hammer and chisel rhythm (Mano) -- The akan [and Ashanti] peoples of ghana: akan poetry -- Drum poetry of the akan peoples -- Drum poems to onyame, the supreme deity -- Akan sayings about nyama (Onyame) -- The drum-history of the state of Mampon -- Chiefdom among the ashanti -- a song for the new chief -- Some ashanti proverbs -- Sayings as guides to good social behavior -- Riddle -- Four ashanti tales -- The coming of the yams -- Journey to asamando, land of the dead -- O the world -- Talk -- Gold and gold weights -- Ashanti proverbs and sayings cast in brass -- The search for gold -- Anansi proves he is the oldest -- Anansi owns all tales that are told -- Anansi's rescue from the river -- Aberewa's sword -- Anansi borrows money -- Anansi gives nyame a child -- How debt came to Ashanti -- The competition for nyame's daughter -- The hat-shaking dance -- Anansi plays dead -- The king's drum -- Dahomey, the kingdom built in da's belly -- The gods of dahomey, their exploits -- To each is given his dominion -- The rule of the sky and earth delimited -- Sogbo becomes master of the universe -- Sagbata's control of the earth stabilized -- Sun god brings iron to man -- Serpent as headrest for an overburdened earth -- The people who descended from the sky -- Origin of the people of the agblo quarter -- How legba became chief of the gods -- Exploits of the aladahonu dynasty -- Origin of the royal sib -- How the aladhonu kings came to rule abomey -- The king and the nago -- How behanzin fought against the whites -- Seeking poverty -- Two dahomean songs for the dead -- Some dahomean riddles -- Some dahomean proverbs -- The yoruba: Deeds and adventures of the yoruba gods -- The descent from the sky -- Iron is received from Ogun -- Oranmiyan, the warrior hero of ife -- Orunmila's visit toowo -- Shango and the medicine of Eshu -- Obatala's visit to shango -- How Shango departed from Oyo -- Yoruba warriors, kings and heroes -- Ogbe baba akinyelure, warrior of ibode -- The burning of the elekute grove -- Ogedengbe's drummers -- Olomu's bushrat -- The yoruba trickster, ijapa -- How ijapa, who was short, became long -- Ijapa cries for his horse -- Ijapa and the oba repair a roof -- Ijapa and the yanrinbo swear an oath -- Ijapa and the hot-water test -- Ijapa goes to the osanyin shrine -- Ijapa in yoruba proverbs -- The worship of twins among the yoruba -- How twins came among the yoruba -- Two tales from benin -- Igioromi -- Ozolua and Izevbokun (Bini) -- How bronze castings were made at Benin -- Onugbo and oko (Idoma) -- Three isoko songs from ilue ologbo -- The ekoi people of the calabar coast: Obassinsi and obassi osaw -- How the first rain came -- How the moon first came into the sky -- How all the stars came -- How the rivers first came on earth -- The egbo secret society -- How the first ebgo image came -- How the efik learned to cook their meat -- An efik lamentation -- The feast (Bamum) -- Brass-casting among the Bamum -- Some Cameroon sayings in Pidgin-English -- The journey of the Afo-a-kom (kom) -- The origin of the Kom kingdom -- The a-mbundu of Angola: Mbundu-human tales Kings, hunters, and heroes -- King Kitamba Kia Xiba -- The young man and the river -- Kinungu a njila and ngundu andala -- Two men.
  • A wide and varied selection of myths from various African tribes south of the Sahara. 


Folklore  -- Africa, Sub-Saharan. (LCSH)
Manners and customs. 
Africa, Sub-Saharan  -- Social life and customs. (LCSH)
Africa, Sub-Saharan. 


GR350 (LCC)
398.20967 (DDC)
G.07 (kssb/8 (machine generated))
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