Xsearch is a LIBRIS exclusive lightweight API. With Xsearch, it is possible to retrieve records from LIBRIS in a number of different formats. The Xsearch API is based on http calls that return either XML or text, depending on the chosen format. All formats are encoded in UTF-8. The basic URL for Xsearch is, to which the following parameters can be added.


Name Values Default Description
query     Search query as defined by the query language.
format marcxml | mods | json | ris | dc | rdfdc | bibtex | refworks | harvard | oxford MARC-XML Preferred format. JSON is based on Dublin Core. RDFC is RDF combined with Dublin Core.
start   1 Specifies the starting position in a hitlist from which records should be taken.
n   10 The number of records to be retrieved, to a maximum of 200.
order rank | alphabetical | -alphabetical | chronological | -chronological rank How the hitlist should be sorted. An opening hyphen (as in ‘-alphabetical’) stands for sorting in reverse order.
format_level brief | full brief Specifies whether “see” or ”see also” links to authority forms (9XX fields) should be included.
holdings true | false false Specifies whether holding information should be included. Works only with the marcxml and mods formats.
database libris | swepub libris Specifies the database to search


Search for “Ludwig Wittgenstein” as author in Dublin Core format

Search for “W.V. Quine” in JSON format

Search for “Rudolf Carnap” 50 hits with holding information in MODS format

Search for subject “Philosophy”, with hit list sorted in alphabetic order, in MARC-XML format

More information about the formats

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