If you want to reuse your hit list or save one or more records, you can choose between creating references, making a print-out, emailing, or obtaining a permanent link to your results.

Create references

You can create a reference/references for one or more records in a hit list (first for an interval of 10 records, then for intervals of 100). You can choose between saving your references as a file, and cutting and pasting them directly from the interface. The display format changes dynamically, as soon as you change the format in the drop-down menu.

You can choose to save the references in the following formats:

  • Plain text = A simple text format for the easy identification of a work
  • Harvard = A common reference or citation format which presents sources in a standard manner
  • Oxford = Another common reference or citation format which presents sources in a standard manner
  • BibTex = A reference format used together with the typesetting system "LaTeX"
  • RefWorks = A tagged bibliographic format for handling references
  • RIS = A tagged bibliographic format for handling references in reference handling systems such as EndNote, ProCite and RefManager
  • APA Style (American Psychological Association)
  • Vancover = A reference format mostly used in the medicin area
  • Bokref = References for Wikipedia
  • MARC-XML = The MARC record in the standard MARC-XML format


LIBRIS works with Zotero, a free Firefox extension for reference management.

Keep updated (feeds/news flows)

You can keep updated with the latest search results with the help of an Atom RSS reader. The RSS icon is located at the bottom of the hit list (picture of a RSS/feed-icon). Moreover, certain Web readers, e.g. Firefox and IE7, which have their own support for Atom RSS feeds, show the icon somewhere in their toolbar.

There are two record formats, namely the same plain text format as that in the hit list and RIS (the format used by the reference handling program "EndNote", for example).
More information on feeds.


You can email one or more records from a hit list. Choose between sending the record(s) as a link or in one of the reference formats. You can choose a maximum of five addressees in the same email. Use a space, semicolon or colon as separators between email addresses. .


A permanent link is shown which leads to a record or the whole hit list. The link can be used to access the same record or hit list on another occasion.

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