Technical and format information

There are many different ways to access data from LIBRIS. The protocols SRU and Z39.50 are supported, and we have developed Xsearch: a lightweight API for accessing LIBRIS data through HTTP in a simple and straightforward manner.We also support the simple http based unAPI


Xsearch is a http-based lightweight API for accessing data in many different formats. Currently we provide support for the MARC-XML, Dublin Core, Json, RIS, mods and RDF formats. Xsearch documentation.

Link syntax

A url to a LIBRIS search query follows the syntax, where the query part is constructed according to the Query Language.

If you know the unique LIBRIS identifier you can also link directly to the record by using the syntax

It is also possible to use ISBN and other standard identifiers, in which case the syntax is|%ISSN%. If you want to use ISBN, but not E-ISBN, the syntax would be|%ISSN%


A query link that matches Strindberg as an author
A query link to a record with LIBRIS-id 10432900
A query link to a book with ISBN 978-91-0-011631-6

Link to English version

To see the English version of the interface, just add the parameter “language=en”, as in the following example:


OpenSearch is a collection of formats for sharing of search results. The support for OpenSearch in LIBRIS lets you add the LIBRIS service to your browser as a search plug-in (this requires Firefox or Internet Explorer 7).


unAPI unAPI is a very simple http-based API for copying specific content from a web application. LIBRIS has support for unAPI on both the hit list and the title pages. unAPI is among other things used by the research tool Zotero to import records.


Z39.50 is an international standard for searching remote databases. It is supported by many providers of library systems.

  • IP-address:
  • Database name: libr

LIBRIS via Z39.50 (in Swedish only).


The title information page has support for OpenURL COinS, which is a way to embed bibliographic data in HTML code. This can for example be used in link servers (such as SFX) or for exporting data to reference handling systems. Read more about LIBRIS and OpenURL COinS.

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