Search forms

LIBRIS offers several search possibilities and search forms.

There is a simple search entry that follows you throughout your work flow. Here you can easily change your on-going search or start a new search.

Enkel sökning

You can use:

  • The “Simple search” box when you want to perform a quick search using free-text terms. You always have the possibility of changing your search result by using the menu under “Refine your result set” to the right of the hit list.
  • The “Extended search” form when you want to do more exact searches. You can use one or more search fields, e.g. title, author/person responsible for the content, or subject. The search will then be limited to these parts of the record.
  • The “Subject browsing” (in Swedish only) when you want to obtain a broad overview of the literature in a specific subject and navigate hierarchically in a subject structure.
  • The “Boolean search” when you want greater flexibility in formulating your search queries with the help of operators and qualifiers. You can also use Boolean searches in the “Simple search” box.
  • The Index A-Ö when you want to get an orverview of searchable entries. Browse in alphabetical lists for authtors, subjects, book titles etc.

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