You can customize parts of the interface to suit your needs.

When you see the Skiftnyckeln symbol on a page, this means that you can customize the settings.

If the settings have been customized, the CUSTOMIZE link is ticked.Inställningar

You will only be able to save customized settings if your Web reader allows cookies.

Clear history and settings

You can remove your settings using the CLEAR HISTORY link. By clicking here you can clear your search history, remove any records you have saved and reset the settings.

Libraries with public computers can use the following bookmark to reset the settings: ''

Display type

When you have retrieved a title, you can choose the display to show it in: "Overview", "Detailed" display or "MARC" display. "Overview" is the default display. You can select "MARC" from the "Detailed" display.

Detailed display

The "Detailed" display shows all the fields of the catalogue record: title, author, publisher/year, ISBN, etc.

MARC display

The "MARC" display (Machine Readable Cataloguing) is the format in which all the information connected to the title is saved. The MARC format is a standard format in the library world and facilitates the exchange of bibliographic data.

Hit list

You can choose between an expanded and a short hit list. The hit list format can also be selected using the symbols above the hit list.

Text size and contrast

You can change the settings for the text size and contrast so that the search service meets your readability requirements.

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