My libraries

You can choose your favourite library/libraries, by using either My libraries or the "Find" tab in the record displayed. Click on Add to Mitt bibliotek. Libraries specified as favourites are singled out in relation to the other libraries. The Mitt bibliotek symbol is shown. It is also possible to choose an organization.

  • Titles owned by any of the libraries selected are marked with the Mitt bibliotek symbol in hit lists.
  • "My" libraries are lifted up to the top under the "Find" tab for each individual record.
  • Choose an organization and get all the libraries within the organisation as favourites.
  • If your libraries are participating in LIBRIS’ "Customer Order" service, you will be informed of this when have chosen a title and clicked on "Interlibrary Lending".
  • In "Search" on the start page and in "Advanced Search" you have the possibility of limiting your search with "My Libraries".
  • You have the possibility of limiting the number of hits in the hit list by clicking on "Only My Libraries".
  • You can select favourite libraries under the "Find" tab in any record. Click on ADD AS FAVOURITE.
  • If you specify "your region", the region selected, with the libraries belonging to it, will be shown at the top under the "Find" tab in any record.
  • When you have selected libraries or a region, a permanent link for the setting is shown. This link can be used for a library’s public computers, for example, if the library wants LIBRIS to show its own holdings clearly.

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