Highlights in LIBRIS

snapshots on some of the highlights in new LIBRIS

Some examples

Google map mashup
Our new map feature helps you find the libraries that hold the title. Find the link to the map under the Get it view. Example
Cover pictures and summaries
Several hundred thousand cover pictures and summaries have been uploaded to assist in relevance assessment and answering the question, "Is this the book !'m looking for?"
Refine your search
New models for exploring huge amounts of information, e.g. through facets and grouping.
Relevance ranking
Relevance ranking maximizes the possibility of finding what you are searching at the top of the hit list.
Spell checker
The system might propose spelling when you type in your search question. "Did you mean …?"
Choose your favourite library/region
Set your library/libraries and/or region, and they will be placed at the top of the list of libraries that hold the title.
Find other editions
Is the title avaialable in other languages? Does an e-book version exist? Are older/newer editions available?
Customize LIBRIS and set your preferences
Short or expanded hit list? Overview or detailed title information? High contrast?
Several reference formats
RIS (EndNote, ProCite, RefMangaer), RefWorks, BibTex, Harvard and Oxford. Supports Zotero.
Search outside LIBRIS
Your search does not have to stop in LIBRIS. Find related information in other search facilities.
Put LIBRIS on your site
Persistent links. Fetch search boxes. Download plug-ins to search from your browser.
Short response times
Despite the huge amount of data searching in LIBRIS is fast.

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