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In LIBRIS you cannot buy or borrow a book, but we provide guidance as to how you can obtain the material in question in full text, or through local or interlibrary loans.

Full text

Some of the material in LIBRIS is available in full text. Certain documents in full text are freely accessible by all, while access to others requires you to own a library card from a library with a licence to show full-text documents. We try to show clearly when you have to belong to a certain library (e.g. only for users at …).

Sometimes you can obtain a "full view" of the material sought for in Google BookSearch. You can use, for example, the "Search outside LIBRIS" link on the title-information page.

Borrowing from libraries

You cannot borrow a book in LIBRIS, but we can help you to find a library that can lend you the book in question.

  • Directly under the "Find" tab, you can see the libraries that have the material sought.
  • If you select your library as your favourite library (and/or your region as your favourite region), the information for your library will always be placed at the top.
  • Many libraries can show, directly in Libris, whether a book is out on loan or is on its shelf. Just click on the "Lending status" link to find out.
  • The link for the library in question often goes directly to the library’s local catalogue, where you can reserve books or check your loans if you are a borrower at the library.

Ordering/interlibrary lending

It is often possible to order a book directly on the Web. Around thirty libraries allow users to make orders directly by filling in a form in LIBRIS (LIBRIS Customer Orders).

Many libraries offer the possibility of ordering material on the Web through their Web site or their online catalogue. Several libraries provide instructions on this in Libris when you click on the “Interlibrary loan” link under the “Find” tab, when you have selected your favourite library.

Other editions

If the book in question is out on loan or is not owned by your library, you can see if another edition of the book is owned by the library. Under the "Other editions" tab in the title information page, you can find editions published in other years, in other languages, or as electronic resources.

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