Customize LIBRIS and set your preferences.

My libraries

If you set one or several favourite libraries in My libraries they are emphasized. Once you have chosen your favourite library you have the possibility to limit your search to the chosen library in several views. Look for this icon Icon of a house.

  • Favourite library

    Limit the search to your library/libraries
    If you choose "My libraries" the result set will show titles in your favourite libraries.

  • Result list with icons for my libraries

    The result list shows if the library hold the book. You can also refine the result list to show items at your favourite libraries.

  • My library under the tab for Get it

    Your library is placed at the top under the "Get it" tab.

  • My library under the tab for other editions

    Other editions
    Other editions of the book may be available at your library.


You can customize parts of the interface to suit your needs.

When you see the Skiftnyckeln symbol on a page, this means that you can customize the settings.

If the settings have been customized, the CUSTOMIZE link is ticked.Inställningar

You will only be able to save customized settings if your Web reader allows cookies.



Choose normal or high contrast.

  • Choose customize

    Choose "Preferences" in the top menu

    Choose the tab "Size and contrast" tab.

  • Choose contrast

    Choose contrast

    You can also choose text size.


Customize the displays according to your needs

  • Set the result list

    Choose a short or an extended hit list.

  • Set the title information

    Choose the display for presentation of the title information.

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