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LIBRIS contains 6,5 million titles from around 300 library units at Swedish university and research libraries, as well as about twenty public libraries. Here you can find books, periodicals, articles, maps, posters, printed music, electronic resources, etc.

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The titles included in the Swedish National Bibliography have been catalogued by the National Library of Sweden

Swedish titles

LIBRIS covers a substantial part of all the books and periodicals etc. published in Sweden from the 16th century and onwards.

The Swedish National Bibliography lists books, maps and monographs and reports in in Sweden since 1976, as well as maps and printed music published in Sweden since 1986. The National Bibliography also lists Swedish periodicals and newspapers, etc. Click on "Subdatabases" to search in The National Bibliography.

Several Swedish publishing firms supply LIBRIS with concise information on titles which they plan to publish.

LIBRIS also contains a large selection of references to Swedish material (incl. articles and papers in periodicals, annuals and collections) of a local or regional nature, or in the humanities, social sciences and other subject areas. Many such articles have been catalogued for bibliographies. Click on Subdatabases for further information.

In addition, you can find other Swedish material which has either been acquired by the libraries cataloguing in LIBRIS, e.g. sound and video recordings, or is freely accessible as full-text resources on the Internet.

Older publications printed in Sweden are also amply represented in LIBRIS. This is true not only of the period from 1800-1975, but also of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Click on "Subdatabases" to search in Older Swedish Printed Books for example. However, please note that the lists of libraries holding these titles may be incomplete.

Foreign titles

LIBRIS contains references to most of the foreign titles acquired by Swedish university and special libraries, in the main, including titles ordered and not yet available for loan. However, it is possible that you may not find titles published before 1968 in LIBRIS.

The foreign titles consist mainly of books and periodicals (printed versions as well as electronic resources), but there is also a rich and varied selection of maps, printed music, sound and video recordings, references to articles in foreign periodicals and collections (works produced under editorial direction), etc.

The National Library of Sweden acquires literature in foreign languages on topics concerning Sweden, as well as Swedish literature translated into foreign languages. Click on "Subdatabases" to search in Suecana Extranea.

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