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Isaiah through the centuries / John F.A. Sawyer.

Sawyer, John F. A. (författare)
ISBN 9780631219637
Publicerad: Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Blackwell, [2018]
Copyright: ©2018
Engelska xxii, 484 pages
Serie: Wiley Blackwell Bible commentaries
  • Bok
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • The Reception of Isaiah -- Reception Exegesis -- Isaiah 1 -- The Title (Isa 1:1) -- The Ox and the Ass Have More Sense (Isa 1:2-9) -- Blood on Your Hands (Isa 1:10--20) -- The Faithful City (Isa 1:21--31) -- Isaiah 2 -- A Second Title (Isa 2:1) -- Swords into Ploughshares (Isa 2:2--5) -- Haughtiness Shall Be Humbled (Isa 2:6-22) -- Isaiah 3 -- Anarchy in Jerusalem (Isa 3:1--15) -- The Daughters of Zion are Haughty (Isa 3:16-26; 4:1) -- Isaiah 4 -- The Pride and Glory of the Survivors (Isa 4:2--6) -- Isaiah 5 -- The Fate of God's Vineyard (Isa 5:1--7) -- Woe to Those Who Are Wise in Their Own Eyes! (Isa 5:8--30) -- Isaiah 6 -- Holy, Holy, Holy (Isa 6:1--3) -- Here Am I: Send Me! (Isa 6:4--8) -- Go and Say to this People, `Hear, But Do Not Understand' (Isa 6:9--13) -- Isaiah 7 -- Faith and Reason (Isa 7:1--9) -- The Immanuel Prophecy (Isa 7:10--17) -- The King of Assyria (Isa 7:18--25) -- Isaiah 8 -- The Waters of Shiloah (Isa 8:1--10). 
  • The Strong Hand of the Lord (Isa 8:11--22) -- Isaiah 9 -- Galilee of the Nations (Isa 9:1) -- For Unto Us a Child Is Born (Isa 9:2--7) -- Wickedness Burns Like a Fire (Isa 9:8--21) -- Isaiah 10 -- Woe to Those in Power! (Isa 10:1--4) -- Woe to Assyria! (Isa 10:5-19) -- Be Not Afraid of Assyria, My People (Isa 10:20--34) -- Isaiah 11 -- The Noble Stem of Jesse (Isa 11:1--5) -- The Peaceable Kingdom (Isa 11:6--9) -- The Messianic Age (Isa 11:10--16) -- Isaiah 12 -- With Joy Shall You Draw Water from the Wells of Salvation (Isa 12:1--6) -- Isaiah 13 -- Howl, For the Day of the Lord Is at Hand! (Isa 13:1--22) -- Isaiah 14 -- The Lord Will Again Choose Israel (Isa 14:1--3) -- How Art Thou Fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer! (Isa 14:4--23) -- Prophecies against the Assyrians and the Philistines (Isa 14:24--32) -- Isaiah 15 -- My Heart Cries Out for Moab (Isa 15:1--14) -- Isaiah 16 -- Hide the Fugitives, Do Not Betray the Refugees (Isa 16:1--14) -- Isaiah 17. 
  • An Oracle Concerning Syria and Ephraim (Isa 17:1--3) -- The Glory of Jacob Will Be Brought Low (Isa 17:4--14) -- Isaiah 18 -- A Prophecy Concerning Ethiopia (Isa 18:1--7) -- Isaiah 19 -- An Oracle Concerning Egypt (Isa 19:1--15) -- Blessed Be Egypt, My People! (Isa 19:16--25) -- Isaiah 20 -- Put Not Your Trust in Egypt and Ethiopia (Isa 20:1--6) -- Isaiah 21 -- Babylon is Fallen! (Isa 21:1--10) -- Watchman, What of the Night? (Isa 21:11--17) -- Isaiah 22 -- Let Me Weep Bitter Tears (Isa 22:1--14) -- The Key of David (Isa 22:15--25) -- Isaiah 23 -- Howl Ye Ships of Tarshish! (Isa 23:1--18) -- Isaiah 24 -- The End of the World (Isa 24:1--13) -- The Last Judgement (Isa 24:14--23) -- Isaiah 25 -- The Eschatological Banquet -- Isaiah 26 -- The Resurrection of the Dead (Isa 26:1--21) -- Isaiah 27 -- Leviathan (Isa 27:1) -- The Lord's Vineyard (Isa 27:2--11) -- The Sound of the Shofar (Isa 27:12--13) -- Isaiah 28. 
  • Woe to the Drunken Priests and Prophets! (Isa 28:1--13) -- A Covenant with Death (Isa 28:14--29) -- Isaiah 29 -- Ariel, the City of David (Isa 29:1--8) -- Having Eyes They See Not (Isa 29:9--16) -- Jacob Shall No More Be Ashamed (Isa 29:17--24) -- Isaiah 30 -- Woe to the Rebellious Children! (Isa 30:1--17) -- Blessed Are All Those Who Wait for Him (Isa 30:18--26) -- The Burning Anger of the Lord (Isa 30:27--33) -- Isaiah 31 -- Woe to Those Who Rely on Horses and Chariots! (Isa 31:1--9) -- Isaiah 32 -- A Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace (Isa 32:1--20) -- Isaiah 33 -- The Destroyer (Isa 33:1--12) -- A Place of Broad Waters and Streams (Isa 33:13--24) -- Isaiah 34 -- The Day of Vengeance (Isa 34:1--17) -- Isaiah 35 -- The Day of Redemption (Isa 35:1--10) -- Isaiah 36 -- The Assyrian Invasion of Judah (Isa 36:1--22) -- Isaiah 37 -- The Salvation of Jerusalem (Isa 37:1--38) -- Isaiah 38 -- The Recovery of King Hezekiah from Illness (Isa 38:1--22). 
  • Isaiah 39 -- Envoys from Babylon (Isa 39:1--8) -- Isaiah 40 -- `Comfort My People, ' Says Your God (Isa 40:1--11) -- Creator of Heaven and Earth (Isa 40:12--31) -- Isaiah 41 -- The Lord of History (Isa 41:1--7) -- Fear Not, Israel, My Servant (Isa 41:8--20) -- The Impotence of False Gods (Isa 41:21--29) -- Isaiah 42 -- Behold My Servant (Isa 42:1--13) -- God as Mother (Isa 42:14--25) -- Isaiah 43 -- I Am Your Saviour (Isa 43:1--13) -- A New Exodus (Isa 43:14--28) -- Isaiah 44 -- I Am Alpha and Omega: Besides Me There Is No God (Isa 44:1--8) -- The Folly of Idol Worship (Isa 44:9--20) -- Jerusalem Shall Be Rebuilt (Isa 44:21--28) -- Isaiah 45 -- Cyrus the Lord's Anointed (Isa 45:1--8) -- Will You Criticize the Creator? (Isa 45:9--13) -- God Is With You Only and There Is No Other (Isa 45:14--25) -- Isaiah 46 -- The False Gods of Babylon (Isa 46:1--13) -- Isaiah 47 -- The Fall of Babylon (Isa 47:1--15) -- Isaiah 48--A Rebel from Birth (Isa 48:1--11). 
  • Go Forth from Babylon (Isa 48:12--22) -- Isaiah 49 -- A Light to the Nations (Isa 49:1--6) -- A Day of Salvation (Isa 49:7--13) -- Doubting Zion (Isa 49:14--26) -- Isaiah 50 -- I Hid Not My Face from Shame and Spitting (Isa 50:1--11) -- Isaiah 51 -- Look to the Rock from Which You Were Hewn (Isa 51:1--9) -- Arm of the Lord, Awake (Isa 51:10--23) -- Isaiah 52 -- The Lord Has Comforted His People (Isa 52:1--12) -- The Suffering Servant (Isa 52:13--53:12) -- Isaiah 53 -- The Suffering Servant (cont'd) (Isa 53:1--12) -- Isaiah 54 -- Zion and Her Children (Isa 54:1--17) -- Isaiah 55 -- Come to Me, All You Who Thirst (Isa 55:1--13) -- Isaiah 56 -- A House of Prayer for All Nations (Isa 56:1--8) -- Corruption in High Places (Isa 56:9--57:13) -- Isaiah 57 -- Corruption in High Places (cont'd) (Isa 57:1--13) -- Peace, Peace to the Far and to the Near (Isa 57:14--21) -- Isaiah 58 -- Is Not This the Fast That I Choose? (Isa 58:1--14) -- Isaiah 59. 
  • Estrangement from God (Isa 59:1--21) -- Isaiah 60 -- Arise, Shine for Your Light Is Come (Isa 60:1--14) -- Your Sun Shall Set No More (Isa 60:15- 22) -- Isaiah 61 -- Good News for the Poor (Isa 61:1--11) -- Isaiah 62 -- For Zion's Sake I Will Not Keep Silent (Isa 62:1--12) -- Isaiah 63 -- The Grapes of Wrath (Isa 63:1--6) -- Our Father in Heaven (Isa 63:7--19) -- Isaiah 64 -- O Lord, You Have Hidden Your Face from Us (Isa 64:1--12) -- Isaiah 65 -- The Sheep and the Goats on Judgement Day (Isa 65:1--16) -- A New Creation (Isa 65:17--25) -- Isaiah 66 -- Sacrifices Acceptable to the Lord (Isa 66:1--6) -- Mother Zion and Her Children (Isa 66:7--16) -- A New Heaven and a New Earth (Isa 66:17--24).
  • "The first systematic and comprehensive attempt to identify and analyze the role of Isaianic language and imagery in literature, art, and music. Using reception history as its basis for study, Isaiah Through the Centuries is an unprecedented exploration of the afterlife of the Book of Isaiah, specifically in art, literature, and music. This is a commentary that guides the reader through the Book of Isaiah, examining the differing interpretations of each phrase or passage from a variety of cultural and religious perspectives, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Clearly structured and accessible, and richly illustrated, the book functions as a complete and comprehensive educational reference work. Isaiah Through the Centuries encourages readers to learn with an open mind and to understand how different interpretations have helped in the teaching and comprehension of the Bible and Isaiah's place in it. As part of the Wiley Blackwell Bible Commentaries series, which is primarily concerned with reception history, the book emphasizes that how people interpret the prophet -- and how they've been influenced by him -- is often just as important as the sacred text's original meaning"--Back cover. 


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Bible. Isaiah -- Commentaries.
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BS1515.53 (LCC)
224.107 (DDC)
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