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00006816cam a22008297i 4500
008170824s2017 xxk|||||||||||001 ||eng|c
020 a 9781782545552
020 a 1782545557q hardback
035 a 8250833
040 a YDXb engc YDXd LOYd NhCcYBPd Shae ie rda
041 a eng
050 4a HD2741b .H363 2017
0820 4a 658.42 23
084 a Qbab2 kssb/8 (machine generated)
2451 0a Handbook of research on corporate governance and entrepreneurship /c edited by Jonas Gabrielsson.
264 1a Cheltenham ;a Northampton, MA :b Edward Elgar,c [2017]
300 a ix, 443 pagesb illustrationsc 24 cm
336 a textb txt2 rdacontent
336 a still imageb sti2 rdacontent
337 a unmediatedb n2 rdamedia
338 a volumeb nc2 rdacarrier
340 b 24 cm
504 a Includes bibliographical references and index
505a Corporate governance and entrepreneurship : current states and future directions / Jonas Gabrielsson -- Governance theory : origins and implications for researching boards and governance in entrepreneurial firms / Jonas Gabrielsson and Morten Huse -- Advisory boards in entrepreneurial companies / Eythor Ivar Johnson -- Top management team organization of high-tech venture firms : structural arrangements and their potential consequences / Till Talaulicar -- Research on board of directors in high-tech start-ups : an assessment and suggestions for future research / Ekaterina S. Bjornali -- Corporate governance in early stage high tech ventures : the impact of top management team and outside board human capital on innovation speed / Elien Vandenbroucke and Mirjam Knockaert -- The effects of private equity investors on the governance of companies / Stefano Bonini and Vincenzo Capizzi -- Corporate governance practices in smaller privately held businesses : insights from the Rhine Valley region / Susanne Durst and Julia Brunold -- Alliance governance in entrepreneurial firms : the influence of family control and organizational size / Daniel Pittino, Franscesca Visintin and Paola A.M. Mazzurana -- Corporate governance and innovation in small entrepreneurial firms : the board chairperson's role / Daniel Yar Hamidi and Jonas Gabrielsson -- An engagement theory of governance : the dynamics of governance structures in high growth, high potential firms / Teresa Nelson and Huseyin Leblebici -- Founder status and defensive mechanisms at IPO : evidence from French firms / Asma Fattoum-Guedri and Frederic Delmar -- Corporate governance and accounting in small growing firms : a comparison of financial reporting and cost of debt across gazelles and non-gazelles / Marita Blomkvist and Mari Paananen -- Corporate governance and corporate entrepreneurship in different organisational forms / Elin Smith and Sven-Olof Collin -- Corporate entrepreneurship in a large company : skunk works or guided evolution? / Seppo Laukkanen, Martin Lindell and Anssi VaniokiIndex
520 a Issues and challenges surrounding corporate governance in entrepreneurial firms remain relatively unexamined. [This book] brings together [contributors] examine the most important issues surrounding corporate governance in various entrepreneurial settings, including start-ups, owner-managed firms, fast-growing firms and IPOs. The Handbook also considers how corporate governance and board leadership is associated with entrepreneurship and innovation in mature companies. [Chapters] span a wide range of topics, methodologies, and levels of analysis, all designed to contribute to advancements in the understanding of corporate governance in entrepreneurial firms. The Handbook begins with an...investigation into governance and entrepreneurship as a research field, followed by clearly delineated and thematic Parts dedicated to different business settings. Key topics include governance in early stage, high tech ventures and dynamics of governance structures in high growth, high potential firms
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650 7a Bolagsstyrning0 sao
650 7a Entreprenörskap0 sao
650 0a Corporate governance
650 0a Entrepreneurship
650 0a Entrepreneurship
650 0a Corporate governance
700a Gabrielsson, Jonas,d 1975-4 edt
887 a {"@id":"vd6l0tr6328zxxn","modified":"2018-11-06T16:41:26.952+01:00","checksum":"103861339389"}2 librisxl
950 s6 650a Entreprenöreru Entreprenörskap
950 k6 650w ga Företagandeu Entreprenörskap
950 k6 650w ha Socialt företagandeu Entreprenörskap
950 k6 650a Företagsklimatu Entreprenörskap
950 s6 650w ||ea Företagsstyrningu Bolagsstyrning
950 s6 650a Ägarinflytandeu Bolagsstyrning
950 s6 650a Ägarstyrningu Bolagsstyrning
950 k6 650a Styrelseru Bolagsstyrning
841 5 Gea x ab 190225||0000|||||000||||||000000e |
852 5 Geb Geh 658.4j 19-6x Ge1903f
887 5 Gea {"@id":"w5qjx82xt3s7rw1v","modified":"2019-03-29T13:58:46.279+01:00","checksum":"33758421987"}2 librisxl
841 5 Hala x ab 180307||0000||||4000||||||000000e 1
852 5 Halb Halh Qba HANDBOOK
887 5 Hala {"@id":"04csr4s547xtjcc","modified":"2018-03-07T16:31:22+01:00","checksum":"100265784402"}2 librisxl
841 5 Jona x ab 181001||0000|||||000||||||000000e |
653 5 Jona Corporate governance
653 5 Jona Entrepreneurship
653 5 Jona Bolagsstyrning
653 5 Jona Entreprenörskap
852 5 Jonb Jonc ICEh Qba GABR
887 5 Jona {"@id":"dnnlb1wxb4vfkzgg","modified":"2018-10-01T11:09:42.857+02:00","checksum":"41022636258"}2 librisxl
841 5 Krha x ab 1801104|00008|||1001|||||0901128e 4
852 5 Krhb Krhh Qbabl Gabrielsson
887 5 Krha {"@id":"04crncv526jm9cv","modified":"2018-01-10T14:16:18+01:00","checksum":"88920540074"}2 librisxl
841 5 Lehla x ab 1710174|00008|||1001|||||0901128e 4
852 5 Lehlb Lehlx loi9 Inst215
887 5 Lehla {"@id":"ns1c0j3t04hccvr","modified":"2017-10-17T10:10:57+02:00","checksum":"94288739380"}2 librisxl
841 5 Shaa x ab 170824||0000|||||001||||||000000e 1
653 5 Shaa Corporate governance
653 5 Shaa Entrepreneurship
852 5 Shab Shac 2017j 531
887 5 Shaa {"@id":"26fprt274b3zcdv","modified":"2017-08-24T16:30:13+02:00","checksum":"86814139507"}2 librisxl
841 5 Za x ab 1802074|00008|||1001|||||0901128e |
852 5 Zb Z
887 5 Za {"@id":"kpxcwztq20mdqbz","modified":"2019-05-08T09:43:30.848+02:00","checksum":"14985397273"}2 librisxl
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