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Advanced materials, mechanical and structural engineering / editors, Seung Ho Hong, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA, Junwon Seo, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD, USA, Kihoon Moon, Korea Expressway Corporation, Gimcheon City, Republic of Korea.

International Conference of Advanced Materials, Mechanical and Structural Engineering (2nd : 2015 : JE-JU Island, South Korea) (författare)
Hong, Seung Ho (redaktör/utgivare)
Seo, Junwon (redaktör/utgivare)
Moon, Kihoon (redaktör/utgivare)
ISBN 9781315644684
Publicerad: London : Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Copyright: ©2016
Engelska 1 online resource
Serie: Balkema book
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Innehållsförteckning Ämnesord
  • Inhibitory effect of Salvia officinalis L. oil on Candida biofilm / B. Thaweboon & S. Thaweboon -- Adhesion and biofilm formation of Streptococcus mutans on dental sealant incorporated with silver-nanoparticle / S. Thaweboon & B. Thaweboon -- Research on turning Ni-based super alloys with green cooling and lubricating technology / H. Wang, J.J. Liu & F.S. Ni -- Fabrication of polycrystalline silicon elements for micro- and nanomechanical accelerometers / O.A. Ageev, E. Yu, Gusev, J. Yu. Jityaeva, A.S. Kolomiytsev & A.V. Bykov -- Corrosion fatigue crack propagation behavior of LY12CZ aluminum alloy / X.G. Huang, Z.Y. Han & G.T. Feng -- Formation and photocatalysis of novel ternary Fe-based composites / Y. Teng, L.X. Song, W. Liu & R.R. Xu -- Determination of creep parameters of materials by indentation load relaxation approach / W.Z. Yan & Z.F. Yue -- Dielectric relaxation and molecular mobility in the fullerene containing polymer nanocomposites / N.A. Nikonorova, A.A. Kononov, R.A. Castro & N.I. Anisimova -- Optimum material gradient for a functionally graded endodontic prefabricated post : FEA / W.M.K. Helal & D.Y. Shi -- Membrane conformity assessment for zinc-bromine flow batteries / M. Kim & J.H. Jeon -- Effects of ligating methods and materials on IFD properties of NiTi wire / J.H. Paek, Y.J. Ahn, Y.G. Park, H.K. Park & S. Choi -- Arsenic flux dependence of GaAs (001) homoepitaxial growth / O.A. Ageev, M.S. Solodovnik & S.V. Balakirev -- Influence of fly ash on the properties of recycled aggregate concrete / Y.L. Zhang & W.X. Tang -- The propagation of coupling plastic waves in a rate-sensitive material under compression and torsion / B. Wang, Q.Z. Song & Z.P. Tang -- Synthesis and characterization of CdS nanoparticles using a chemical precipitation method / Ch.V. Reddy & J.S. Shim -- Making concrete using alkali-activated ladle slag and electric arc furnace slag aggregates / W.H. Zhong, W.H. Huang & T.H. Lu --. 
  • Study of morphological and chemical characteristics of corrosion scales in steel pipes / A. Andrianov, V. Chukhin & V. Orlov -- Principles of optimal structure formation of ceramic semi-dry pressed brick / A. Yu. Stolboushkin, A.I. Ivanov, O.A. Fomina, A.S. Fomin & G.I. Storozhenko -- Tension behavior of filled silicone rubbers at different temperatures / Y.N. Lv, L.M. Guo, Y. Wang & Z.F. Deng -- A study on high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites containing polymers / G.J. Park, J.J. Park & S.W. Kim -- CVD growth of carbon nanofibers on copper particles / T.S. Koltsova, T.V. Larionova & O.V. Tolochko -- Evaluation of methacrylic acid based polymers as green inhibitors for reverse osmosis / A. Pervov, A. Andrianov, V. Chukhin & R. Efremov -- A carbon coating cathode for high-performance zinc-bromine flow battery / Y. Kim & J. Jeon -- Formation of the carbon microcoils dangled from the carbon nanofibers / G.H. Kang, S.H. Kim & G.R. Kim -- Study on the anodizing of AZ31 magnesium alloys in ethanol solution / S.A. Salman -- CO[subscript 2] reduction from cement industry / D. Benghida -- A study on the removal of arsenic from arsenopyrite in gold concentrate using thermal decomposition method / J.P. Wang -- Process control system of Kazakhstan Tokamak for material testing / A.G. Korovikov & D.A. Olkhovik -- Performance and reliability analysis of the robot centered FMS and its configuration optimization / D. Zhang & Y.J. Zhang -- The device designed for clamped positioning error compensation based on passive compliance theory / H. Wang, L.D. Sun, X. Zhao & L. Tang -- The susceptibility of forming efflorescence on concrete depending on the mould-releasing agent / R. Pernicová -- Evaluation of the durability performance of the HPC on its strength level to apply it to the containment buildings in nuclear power plants / D.G. Kim, H.J. Lee, N.W. Yang, J.H. Lee & M.S. Cho -- A finite element analysis on roll forming and stamping with convex sheet / Y. Zhang, D.H. Yoon, D.H. Kim & D.W. Jung -- Effect of free air and underground blast on the concrete structure/ Y.H. Yoo, Y.S. Choi & J.W. Lee -- Tests on moist-cured lightweight foamed concrete with slag as a supplementary cementitious material / K.H. Lee & K.H. Yang -- Flexural tests on reinforced concrete rectangular columns with supplementary V-ties / M.K. Kwak, K.H. Yang & J.I. Sim -- Shear creep of epoxy adhesive joints : experiment and fractional derivatives of rheological modeling / X.M. Wang & C.W. Zhou --. 
  • Experimental study on shaking table tests of Dougong model of Tianwang Hall, Luzhi / Z.R. Li, T.Y. Hou, X.X. Zhao, X.L. Zhang, Q.Y. Chen, Z.L. Que & F. Wang -- Tensioned fabric structures with surface in the form of monkey saddle surface / H.M. Yee, M.N.A. Hadi, K.A. Ghani & N.H.A. Hamid -- Analytical model for 3D space frame thin-walled structural joint / Y. Mohd Shukri, M. Shuhaimi & S. Razali -- Mathematical modelling of glass-metal composite cylindrical shell forming / A.A. Bocharova & A.A. Ratnikov -- Nidltrusion as the method for composite reinforcement production. Part I: mathematical model of heat transfer and cure / S.N. Grigoriev, I.A. Kazakov & A.N. Krasnovskii -- Experimental study on differential pressure control for a central heating system with a variable speed pump / S.W. Song -- An enhanced differential pressure reset control for a central heating system with a variable speed pump / S.W. Song -- Microstructure and fracture behavior of Ti-aluminide-reinforced Ti matrix laminates /W.Q. Zhou, K. Zhu, T. Jing, H.L. Hou & Y.J. Xu -- Stress distribution on endodontic post, gutta-percha, and dentin with different post materials / W.M.K. Helal & D.Y. Shi -- Development of organic/inorganic hybrid coating solution of steel sheet for automobiles / S.Y. Lee, H.R. Jeong & K.W. Nam -- Development of a robot machining program using tool center point-based transformation / C.H. She & J.J. Huang -- The noise prediction of structures with an adaptive acoustical boundary element integral method / Y.Y. Miao, T.Y. Li, X. Zhu & W.J. Guo -- Experimental study on the determination of high-performance concrete "standard table" mix design applicable to nuclear power plants / D.G. Kim, H.J. Lee, E.A. Seo, J.H. Lee & M.S. Cho -- A study on the effect of a ball shooting direction in a ball swaging process on the roll static attitude parameter using finite element analysis / K. Panupich & T. Kiatfa -- Determining the optimum elastic modulus and Poisson's ration for an endodontic prefabricated post / W.M.K. Helal & D.Y. Shi -- Compare of shell element and solid element in roll forming simulation / D.H. Yoon, D.H. Kim, Y. Zhang & D.W. Jung -- Resonance vibrations of unbalanced two-bearing outboard rotor / Zh. Iskakov -- Production technology and performance of LY225 anti-seismic building steel / Z.Y. Chen, Z.G. Lin, H.Q. Liu, X.S. Wang, M. Wei & D. Liu -- A study of wind load and snowdrifts on a wide greenhouse / K.P. You, Y.M. Kim, S.Y. Paek, B.H. Nam & J.Y. You -- Shock wave speed of irregular honeycombs under dynamic compression / P. Wang, Z.J. Zheng, J.L. Yu & S.F. Liao -- Mechanical properties of steel fiber-reinforced HPFRCC according to compressive strength / J.J. Park, G.J. Park & S.W. Kim --. 
  • A study on design and visualization of enterprise knowledge on computer-aided innovation system / S.S. Chun -- Nuclear containment structure mock-up test for performance evaluation of high-performance concrete / D.G. Kim & E.A. Seo -- Simulation modeling to increase production capacity from prototype to production : a case study of a rocket motor parts manufacturing plant / T. Panyaphirawat, W. Pornyungyun & P. Sapsamarnwong -- Hydration heat of ternary blended concrete applied to a nuclear containment building / Y.H. Hwang, K.H. Yang & S.J. Kim -- Strain transfer error experiments and analysis on CFRP laminates using FBG sensors / C.S. Song, J.X. Zhang, M. Yang, J.G. Zhang & W. Yuan -- Liner wear in roll crushers : microscopic investigations / R. Sinha & K. Mukhopadhyay -- Study on tool electrode wearing and its compensation in electrical discharge milling / C.B. Guo, D.B. Wei & S.C. Di -- Energy absorption characteristics of a new design of externally stiffened circular stepped tube based on free inversion / M.S. Zahran, P. Xue & M.S. Esa -- Well-defined pH-responsive triblock glycopolymer architectures for controlled loading and release doxorubicin / I.A. Altoom, S.Y. Zhu, Q.Y. Yu, X.Z. Jiang & M.F. Zhu -- Development of long stroke length and recoverable strain using the double stepped tube under the axial impact / M.S. Esa, P. Xue & M.S. Zahran -- Analysis of urban spatio-temporal land use/cover change and expansion with their driving force through remote sensing and GIS in Samara city, Russia / K. Choudhary, M.S. Boori, A. Kupriyanov & V. Kovelskiy -- The design and simulation of large range of eddy current displacement sensor circuit / Q. Qin & X.Q. Tian -- A study on the 3D rebar placing automatize system development / H.S. Jang, S.Y. Kim, D.E. Kim & Y.S. Cho -- An electrolyte with high thermal stability for the vanadium redox flow battery / D. Kim & J. Jeon -- Cellular phone activity detection techniques / P.U. Okorie & M.I. Ogbile -- Transient analysis for a non-effective grounded network with distributed generations / L.S. Li, S.D. Zhang, H.J. Liu, R.R. Fu & X.Q. Ji -- A study on the integration of topic based knowledge model for computer aided innovation / S.S. Chun & S.R. Lee -- Electrochemical synthesis of lanthanum hexaboride ultrafine particles / L.V. Razumova, O.V. Tolochko, T.V. Larionova & J.M. Ahn.


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