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Modern Chinese writers : self-portrayals / Helmut Martin and Jeffrey Kinkley, editors ; Ba Jin [and others] and thirty-three others.

Martin, Helmut, 1940- (redaktör/utgivare)
Kinkley, Jeffrey C., 1948- (redaktör/utgivare)
Ba, Jin, 1904-2005.
ISBN 0873328167
Publicerad: Armonk, NY : M.E. Sharpe, ©1992.
Engelska xliv, 380 pages
Serie: Studies on modern China
  • Bok
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Historical blunders. The enigmatic laughter of insanity : a modern love story / Wang Ruowang -- A written testimonial : about the Cultural Revolution / Feng Jicai -- I am not Solzhenitsyn : from an eyewitness of the labor camps / Cong Wiixi -- On behalf of humanism : the confession of a former leftist / Dai Houying.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Further victims of politics in the eighties. Against those who wield the scissors : a plea for an end to censorship / Wu Zuguang -- China's contemporary literature : reaching out to the world and to the future / Bai Hua -- Reflections in the hot springs of Hakone : China, our impoverished, trouble-ridden motherland / Liu Xinwu.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Patterns of the new literature. Banished to Xinjiang, Or, About bestial hatred of literature / Wang Meng -- Novels strangled in the cradle : my senseless literary battles / Chen Rong -- Spokesman for a victimized generation : can there be progress after "midlife"? / Lu Wenfu -- After twenty years of silence we lick our wounds : our battle for a place in world literature / Zhang Xianliang.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Accounts of rural realities. Thrusts of violent creativity : "I returned with my hands empty and shame on my face" / Gao Xiaosheng -- The slow maturation of my craft : tea in cold water steeps slowly / Gu Hua -- Life is changing, even in hilly Shangzhou / Jia Pingwa.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Rising in protest : a new generation. The first half of my life : a boy from the city struggling for survival in far-away Yunnan / Zhong Acheng.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Against complacency : women writers. The boat I steer : a study in perseverance / Zhang Jie -- Needed : a spirit of courageous self-examination / Wang Anyi.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Documentary literature. Is reportage to be excluded from the realm of literature? : the function of warning bells / Liu Binyan -- A "Bengal tigress" interviews herself : a panorama of our times from within / Zhang Xinxin.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. The search for "roots". After the "literature of the wounded" : local cultures, roots, maturity, and fatigue / Han Shaogong.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. Combining past and present. We must not forget our historical roots : popular literature, Peking opera, and modern prose / Wang Zengqi.
  • Literature from the People's Republic. An abrupt end to PRC literature of the eighties. The "June 4 syndrome" : spiritual and ideological schizophrenia / Zhang Xinxin.
  • Without a regime or regimen : entertainment fiction. Adventure novels. Against the authors of "foreign books in Chinese language" : an interview with China's most popular writer of adventure novels / Jin Yong.
  • Chinese literature from Taiwan. Modernists and semi-émigrés. The Chinese student movement abroad : exiled writers in the New World / Bai Xianyong -- On the miseries of writers in American exile : sanitized versions for Taiwan, Hing Kong, and the People's Republic / Chen Ruoxi -- Such a symphony of written characters one must not allow to disperse / Wang Wenxing.
  • Chinese literature from Taiwan. The native realists : black humor and other experiments. How love scatters : on the publication of the first collection of my works / Qideng Sheng -- Father's writings have been republished : or, The sexuality of women students in a Tabei bookstore / Huang Chunming -- Things Chinese and foreign, ancient and modern : an absurd comedy / Wang Zhenhe.
  • Chinese literature from Taiwan. Ideologists. Against Taiwan's "orphan mentality" : the author as his own critic / Chen Yingzhen -- Native literature as a stimulus for social change : from a writing career to political activism / Wang Tuo.
  • Chinese literature from Taiwan. Alienation, withdrawal, and dissent. Cold ashes in the heart : the tragedy of Taiwanese literature / Song Zelai -- Concern about the native land : on the taking of a pseudonym / Lin Shuangbu.
  • Chinese literature from Taiwan. New generations. From Tabei's suburbs : into the hubbub of Taiwan's economic miracle / Huang Fan -- Protest of a woman author against reckless accusations : another self-interview, this time from Taibei / Li Ang -- Vanished virility : stories--my last returning castle / Wu Jinfa.
  • The Republican era revisited. Changing times. Suppressed furor against foreign troops : an unwritten novel and a play about the Boxer uprising / Lao She -- A literary outcry : awakening from unconsciousness / Lu Xun -- My J'accuse against this moribund system : notes on a crumbling landlord clan of wstern Sichuan / Ba Jin -- Shanghai's silk industry : world economic crisis, workers, and civil war / Mao Dun.
  • The Republican era revisited. New forms of self-consciousness. Fiction and society : changes and continuities in mass audiences / Shen Congwen -- International Shanghai, 1941 : coffee house chat about sexual intimacy and the childlike charm of the Japanese / Zhang Ailing -- Foolish dreams : like a blind person going fishing / Ding Ling -- Early autobiographical fragments : a young sojourner in a foreign land / Yu Dafu.
  • The author of the pioneering history of the deaf When the Mind Hears now continues his advocacy for the deaf community with a hard-hitting, provocative new book. The Mask of Benevolence is at once a deeply moving celebration of the unique manual language and culture of the modern deaf community, a scathing indictment of the heedlessness and hypocrisies of many of its hearing "benefactors," and an expose of the ways in which the "experts" in the scientific, medical, and educational establishments who purport to serve the deaf actually do them grievous harm. With great eloquence Lane argues that the relationship between the deaf community and those who claim to help them resembles that between colonized and colonizer, resulting in the suppression of the oppressed group's language and culture--in the dehumanization of the oppressed to the profit of the oppressor. He shows, for example, how the "medicalization" of cultural deafness does more for medical professionals and the manufacturers of prosthetic devices (hearing aids, "bionic ears," etc.) than for deaf children; how the "mainstreaming" of deaf children in hearing schools actually obstructs their education--aiding not the students but the interests of various medical and rehabilitation specialists by putting a premium on their services. 
  • Impeccably documented, The Mask of Benevolence offers an impassioned and highly compelling case in support of embracing deaf language and culture, bilingual education, and the blessings of cultural diversity. 


Kinesiska författare  (sao)
Authors, Chinese  -- 20th century -- Biography. (LCSH)
Chinese essays  -- Translations into English. (LCSH)
Écrivains chinois  -- 20e siècle -- Biographies. (Vedettes-matière)
Essais chinois  -- Anthologies -- Traductions anglaises. (Vedettes-matière)
Authors, Chinese.  (fast)
Chinese essays.  (fast)
Authors, Chinese  -- 20th century -- Biography.
Chinese essays  -- Translations into English.
Authors, Chinese  (LCSH)
1900-talet  (sao)
1900 - 1999  (fast)


Biografi  (saogf)
Biography.  (fast)
Translations.  (fast)

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Authors, Chinese
Chinese essays


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EG 9520 (rvk)
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