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Proceedings of ICMC 2004 : the 30th Annual International Computer Music Conference : November 1-6, 2004 / The Frost School of Music, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida ; [the ICMC 2004 proceedings coordinated by George Tzanetakis ; Georg Essl ; Colby Leider]

International Computer Music Conference (2004 : Göteborg)
Tzanetakis, George (redaktör/utgivare)
Essl, Georg (redaktör/utgivare)
Leider, Colby (redaktör/utgivare)
University of Miami. The Frost School of Music (utgivare)
International Computer Music Association (utgivare)
ISBN 0971319227
San Francisco, Calif. : International Computer Music Association, 2004
Engelska ix, 752 s.
  • BokKonferens
Innehållsförteckning Ämnesord
  • An Interactive Cellular Automata Music Application in Cocoa / Millen, Dale -- Some recent actions to preserve, document and disseminate electroacoustic music by Latin American composers / Dal Farra, Ricardo -- Sounds of a Community: An Interactive Sound Installation / Gluck, Robert J. -- SDIF sound description data representation and manipulation in computer assisted composition / Bresson, Jean; Agon, Carlos -- M2 Diffusion - The live diffusion of sound in space / Moore, Adrian; Moore, Dave; Mooney, James -- Proposal for a Roundtable Discussion on the Role of Abstract Mathematics in Computer Music / Fritts, Lawrence; Mazzola, Guerino; Morris, Robert; Rahn, John; Andreatta, Moreno -- Cellular Automata Mapping Procedures / Beyls, Peter -- A New Efficient Approach to Query by Humming / Fu, Leon; Xue, Xiang-yang -- Khorwa: A musical experience with « autonomous agents » / Malt, Mikhail -- Learning to Play the Flute with an Anthropomorphic Robot / Solis, J.; Bergamasco, M.; Isoda, S.; Chida, K.; Takanishi, A. -- Adaptive High-level Classification of Vocal Gestures Within a Networked Sound Instrument / Freeman, Jason; Ramakrishnan, C.; Varnik, Kristjan; Neuhaus, Max; Burk, Phil; Birchfield, David -- Harmonizations of time with non periodic ordered structures in discrete geometry and astronomy / Escudero, Juan García -- Stochastic Estimation of Bsf / Ilomôki, Tuukka; Kortesniemi, Yki -- Predicting Reinforcement of Pitch Sequences via LSTM and TD / Franklin, Judy A. -- Spectral Tuning / Lyon, Eric -- MATConcat: An Application for Exploring Concatenative Sound Synthesis Using MATLAB / Sturm, Bob L. -- Spectral Characteristics of the Musical Iced Tea Can / Sturm, Bob L.; Pope, Stephen T. -- DIEM: Studio Report / Siegel, Wayne -- The Sonic Scanner and the Graphonic Interface / Overholt, Dan -- Interactive Paths Through Tree Music / Shatin, Judith -- Gem for pd - recent progress / Zmölnig, Johannes M. -- Signals and Systems Using MATLAB: An Effective Application for Exploring and Teaching Media Signal Processing / Sturm, Bob L.; Gibson, Jerry -- A Comparison between Local Search and Genetic Algorithm Methods forWavetable Matching / Wun, Simon; Horner, Andrew; Ayers, Lydia -- Understanding the Mathematics of the Frequency Transform: An Interactive Tutorial for Computer Musicians / Pietrusko, R. Gerard; Boulanger, Richard C. -- Searching for Sounds: A Demonstration of and FindSounds Palette / Rice, Stephen V.; Bailey, Stephen M. -- Latency Tolerance for Gesture Controlled Continuous Sound Instrument without Tactile Feedback / Môki-Patola, Teemu; Hômôlôinen, Perttu -- University of Leeds Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music / Ng, Kia -- An Object-Oriented Model of the Xenakis Sieve for Algorithmic Pitch, Rhythm, and Parameter Generation / Ariza, Christopher -- Evolving electroacoustic music: the application of genetic algorithms to time-domain waveforms / Magnus, Cristyn -- A Search for Best Error Metrics to Predict Discrimination of Original and Spectrally Altered Musical Instrument Sounds / Horner, Andrew; Beauchamp, James; So, Richard -- Synthesizing Timbre Tremolos and Flutter Tonguing on Wind Instruments / Ayers, Lydia -- Copy-synth-patch: A Tool for Visual Instrument Design / Laurson, Mikael; Norilo, Vesa -- Polyphonic Pitch Identification and Bayesian Inference / Cemgil, Ali Taylan -- WONDER - a software interface for the application of Wave Field Synthesis in electronic music and interactive sound installations / Baalman, M. A. J.; Plewe, Daniel -- A Performer's Musicological Research in Performing Interactive Computer Music ? The performance of Jean-Claude Risset: Duet for One Pianist?Eight Sketches for MIDI Piano and Computer (Max program) (1989) / Li, Wuan-chin -- Designing for Emergent Behavior: a John Cage realization / Burns, Christopher -- IRIN: Micromontage in Graphical Sound Editing and Mixing Tool / Caires, Carlos -- AALIVENET: An agent based distributed interactive composition environment. / Spicer, Michael -- Cellular Automata in MIDI based Computer Music / Burraston, Dave; Edmonds, Ernest; Livingstone, Dan; Miranda, Eduardo Reck -- Analysis and Reconstruction of Interactive Electroacoustic Works for Obsolete Technology: Thea Musgrave's Narcissus / Wetzel, David Brooke -- Pitch Perception of Time-Varying Notched Noise - Hearing the absent frequencies / Oishi, Satoshi; Hashimoto, Shuji -- A Hierarchical Approach to Onset Detection / Kapanci, Emir; Pfeffer, Avi -- Linux as a Mature Digital Audio Workstation in Academic Electroacoustic Studios - Is Linux Ready for Prime Time? / Bukvic, Ivica Ico -- Adding Machine Cognition to a Web-based interactive composition / Whalley, Ian -- Optimal Filtering of an Instrument Sound in a Mixed Recording Given Approximate Pitch Prior / Ben-Shalom, Adiel; Dubnov, Shlomo -- Real-time Pitched/Unpitched Separation of Monophonic Timbre Components / Sarlo, Joseph A. -- Automatic Generation of Grouping Structure based on the GTTM / Hamanaka, Masatoshi; Hirata, Keiji; Tojo, Satoshi -- pmpd : Physical modelling for Pure Data / Henry, Cyrille -- MEDIATE: Key Sonic Developments in an Interactive Installation for Children with Autism / Timmerman, Hans; van Wolferen, Gerard; Newland, Paul; Kunath, Simon -- Cybersongosse 7Mi / Clozier, Christian; Le Duc, Jean-Claude; Mihalic, Alexander -- Robust Polyphonic Midi Score Following with Hidden Markov Models / Schwarz, Diemo; Orio, Nicola; Schnell, Norbert -- Enhancing Musical Experience through Proximal Interaction / Tanaka, Atau; Authier, Antoine; Valadon, Guillaume; Violette, Laurent. 
  • Learning Expressive Performance Rules in Jazz / Ramirez, Rafael; Hazan, Amaury -- Centre for Digital Music: Studio Report / Bello, Juan P.; Sandler, Mark -- Musical Genre Classification by Instrumental Features / Zhu, Jiajun; Xue, Xiangyang; Lu, Hong -- Loop-based Composition with RTcmix and Hula / Gibson, John -- Introducing and Analyzing the Electro-Acoustic Bottle / Penttinen, Henri -- Composition for Ubiquitous Responsive Sound Environments / Livingstone, Dan; Miranda, Eduardo -- Sybil: Synthesis by Interactive Learning / Clarke, Michael; Watkins, Ashley; Adkins, Mathew; Bokowiec, Mark -- Three Approaches to the Dynamic Multi-channel Spatialization of Stereo Signals / Keyes, Christopher J. -- Automatic Genre Classification as a Study of the Viability of High-Level Features for Music Classification / McKay, Cory -- MidiTron MIDI to Real-World Interface / Singer, Eric -- GAIA: Graphical Audio Interface Application / Topper, David -- Phase Models to Control Roughness in Additive Synthesis / Tind, Erling; Jensen, Kristoffer -- Interactive Performance withWireless PDAs / McAllister, Graham; Alcorn, Michael; Strain, Philip -- PTL, a new sequencer dedicated to graphical scores / Henry, Damien -- Musical Time in Visual Space / Evans, Brian -- Automatic Discovery of Right Hand Fingering in Guitar Accompaniment / Trajano, Ernesto; Dahia, Márcio; Sanatana, Hugo; Ramalho, Geber -- From the visualization of sound to real-time sonification: different prototypes in the Max/MSP/Jitter environment / Sedes, Anne; Courribet, Benoit; Thiébaut, Jean-Baptiste -- Teabox: A Sensor Data Interface System / Allison, Jesse T.; Place, Timothy A. -- Annotated Music for Retrieval, Reproduction, and Sharing / Hirata, Keiji; Matsuda, Shu; Kaji, Katsuhiko; Nagao, Katashi -- Re-coupling: the uBlotar synthesis instrument and the sHowl speaker-feedback controller / Stiefel, Van; Trueman, Dan; Cook, Perry -- A Pragmatic Approach to Set-Based Algorithmic Composition / Ricks, Steven L.; Quigley, Morgan L. -- Timbre Representation of a Single Musical Instrument / de Paula, Hugo B.; Loureiro, Mauricio A.; Yehia, Hani C. -- SCREAM - SuperCollider Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music / Leahy, Michael -- The Transformation Engine / Degazio, B. Graziano -- Toward Construction of a Timbre Theory for Music Composition / Osaka, Naotoshi -- Combining Visual and Textual Representations for Flexible Interactive Audio Signal Processing / Dannenberg, Roger B. -- Crossing the Divide / Appleton, Jon; Lansky, Paul; Schaaff, Tim; Risset, Jean-Claude; Miwa, Masahiro; Smirnov, Andre -- Rock Music: Granular and Stochastic Synthesis based on the Matanuska Glacier / Helmuth, Mara; Davis, Teresa -- Georgia Tech Music Department - Studio Report / Weinberg, Gil; Clark, Frank -- "Voice Networks" - Exploring the Human Voice as a Creative Medium for Musical Collaboration / Weinberg, Gil -- IMP-CAM: Improvising with Cellular Automata Music / Wong, Kam Wah -- Loudness Scaling in a Digital Synthesis Library / Guessford, Jesse; Kaper, Hans; Tipei, Sever -- Simulation of Networked Ensemble Performance with Varying Time Delays: Characterization of Ensemble Accuracy / Gurevish, Michael; Chafe, Chris; Leslie, Grace; Tyan, Sean -- ATS: A System for Sound Analysis Transformation and Synthesis Based on a Sinusoidal plus Critical-Band Noise Model and Psychoacoustics / Pampin, Juan -- ATS User Interfaces / Pampin, Juan; di Liscia, Oscar Pablo; Moss, William 'Pete'; Norman, Alex -- Signal decomposition by means of classification of spectral peaks / Roebel, Axel; Zivanovic, Miroslav; Rodet, Xavier -- The Technophobe and the Madman: An Internet2 Distributed Musical / Rowe, Robert; Rolnick, Neil -- Inductive Logic Programming and Music / Ramirez, Rafael -- Evolving Decentralized Musical Instruments Using Genetic Algorithms / Talmudi, Assaf K. -- Intelligent Scripting in ENP using PWConstraints / Kuuskankare, Mika; Laurson, Mikael -- Computer Music at the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University / Boyle, McGregor; Wright, Geoffrey -- Trends on the synthesis of the singing voice: technical problems and perspectives / Georgaki, Anastasia -- Instrument Recognition Beyond Separate Notes - Indexing Continuous Recordings / Livshin, Arie A.; Rodet, Xavier -- Re-realizing Philippe Boesmans' Daydreams: A Performative Approach to Live Electro-Acoustic Music / Esler, Robert -- Digitizing North Indian Performance / Kapur, Ajay; Davidson, Philip; Cook, Perry R.; Driessen, Peter F.; Schloss, W. Andrew -- comp-i: A System for Visual Exploration and Editing of MIDI Datasets / Miyazaki, R.; Fujishiro, I.; Hiraga, R. -- Cancellation of Unwanted Audio to Support Interactive Computer Music / Lee, Jonghyun; Dannenberg, Roger B.; Chun, Joohwan -- The Shamanic Object as a Model for New Multimedia Computer Performance Interfaces / Burtner, Matthew -- Studio Report: The Music Technology Program at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana / Kothman, Keith; Pounds, Michael; Seitz, Jeffrey -- Java Music Specification Language, v103 update / Didkovsky, Nick -- Recent compositions and performance instruments realized in Java Music Specification Language / Didkovsky, Nick -- Real Time Sonification of Stock Market Data with sMax / Cifariello Ciardi, Fabio -- Spectromorphology Hits Hollywood: Black Hawk Down-A Case Study / Rudy, Paul -- Spectral Anticipations / Dubnov, Shlomo -- Improving score to audio alignment: Percussion alignment and Precise Onset Estimation / Rodet, Xavier; Escribe, Joseph; Durigon, Sébastien -- SonART: A framework for data sonification, visualization and networked multimedia applications / Yeo, Woon Seung; Berger, Jonathan; Lee, Zune -- Implementation of a Highly Diffusing 2-D DigitalWaveguide Mesh with a Quadratic Residue Diffuser / Lee, Kyogu; Smith, Julius O. -- CsoundXML: a meta-language in XML for sound synthesis / Kröger, Pedro -- Sound Analysis and Processing with AudioSculpt 2 / Bogaards, Niels; Röbel, Axel; Rodet, Xavier -- Music Structural Analysis via Novelty Shape Detection / Nam, Unjung; Berger, Jonathan -- A Dynamic Model of Metric Rhythm in Electroacoustic Music / Morris, Jeff -- Towards a Model of Parallelism / Smeenk, Ralph G. W. -- A fuzzy logic model for compositional approaches to audio-visual media / Cádiz, Rodrigo F. -- Statistical description models for melody analysis and characterization / Ponce de León, Pedro J.; Iñesta, José M. -- Andante: Composition and Performance with Mobile Musical Agents / Ueda, Leo Kazuhiro; Kon, Fabio -- Sound and musical representation: the Acousmographe software / Geslin, Yann; Lefevre, Adrien -- Recognition, Analysis and Performance with Expressive Conducting Gestures / Kolesnik, Paul; Wanderley, Marcelo. 
  • The Music Technology Program at McGill University / Scavone, Gary P.; Wanderley, Marcelo M. -- Path Difference Learning for Guitar Fingering Problem / Radisavljevic, Aleksander; Driessen, Peter -- The Quest for Low Latency / Lago, Nelson Posse; Kon, Fabio -- Low-dimensional parameter mapping using spectral envelopes / Puckette, Miller -- Audio Segmentation by Singular Value Clustering / Dubnov, Shlomo; Apel, Ted -- CCRMA Studio Report / Wright, Matthew; Berger, Jonathan; Burns, Christopher; Chafe, Chris; Lopez-Lezcano, Fernando; Smith, Julius -- Waiting and Uncertainty in Computer Music Networks / Rohrhuber, Julian; de Campo, Alberto -- The First Retrospective of Mexican Electroacustic Music / Rocha Iturbide, Manuel -- Designing a Generalized Sonification Environment / de Campo, Alberto; Frauenberger, Christopher; Höldrich, Robert -- University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music Center for Computer Music - (ccm)² in 2004 / Helmuth, Mara; Schedel, Margaret; Bernard, Jennifer; Bukvic, Ivica Ico; Ding, Shiau-uen -- Mapping Spectral Frames to Pitch with the Support Vector Machine / Schmeder, Andrew W. -- Filter Design Using Second-Order Peaking and Shelving Sections / Abel, Jonathan S.; Berners, David P. -- Cross-Modal Parametric Composition / Gerhard, David; Hepting, Daryl H. -- Mixing with Mozart / Basu, Sumit -- The Audicle: A Context-Sensitive, On-the-fly Audio Programming Environ/mentality / Wang, Ge; Cook, Perry R. -- A New Beatbug: Revisions, Simplifications, and New Directions / Aimi, Robeto; Young, Diana -- Towards Timbre Recognition of Percussive Sounds / Tindale, Adam; Kapur, Ajay; Fujinaga, Ichiro -- Loudness-Based Display and Analysis Applied to Artificial Reverberation / Huang, Patty; Smith III, Julius O. -- Audio and Gesture Latency Measurements on Linux and OSX / Wright, Matthew; Cassidy, Ryan J.; Zbyszyn?ski, Michael F. -- Examining Synthetic Databases in Melodic Retrieval Testing / Parker, Charles -- From Kafka to K...: Documenting an Electronic Opera / Ramstrum, Momilani -- Interactive Immersive Environments: A Composer's Journey / Deane Berman, Anne -- An In-Depth Analysis of Real-Time MIDI Performance / Thom, Belinda; Nelson, Mark -- Contour Hierarchies, Tied Parameters, Sound Models and Music / Wyse, Lonce -- AROOOGA: An Audio Search Engine for theWorldWideWeb / Knopke, Ian -- An Internet Browser Plug-in for Real-time Sound Synthesis using Pure Data / Alonso, Marcos; Geiger, Günter; Jordà, Sergi -- A physically informed model of a musical toy: the singing tube / Serafin, Stefania; Kojs, Juraj -- Medialogy: a bridge between technology and creativity based on the Aalborg model / Nordahl, Rolf; Serafin, Stefania -- Studio Report: the GRM - Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel / Teruggi, Daniel; Geslin, Yann -- Pocket Gamelan: a J2ME environment for just intonation / Schiemer, Greg; Sabir, Kenny; Havryliv, Mark -- Electronic Music: An Interactive CD-ROM for Yong People / Chen, Chia-Chun -- Current Research in Music Technology at the Audiovisual Institute of the Pompeu Fabra University / Serra, Xavier -- Automatic rag classification using spectrally derived tone profiles / Chordia, Parag -- Real-time temporal segmentation of note objects in music signals / Brossier, Paul; Bello, Juan Pablo; Plumbley, Mark D. -- Feature Extraction and Database Design for Music Software / Pope, Stephen Travis; Holm, Frode; Kouznetsov, Alexandre -- Panel: Standards from the Computer Music Community / Wright, Matthew; Dannenberg, Roger; Pope, Stephen; Rodet, Xavier; Serra, Xavier; Wessel, David -- Aligning Polyphonic Musical Scores with Audio using a Latent Tempo Process / Raphael, Christopher -- Digital Instruments and Players: Part II-Diversity, Freedom and Control / Jordà, Sergi -- Understanding Supersaturation: A Musical Phenomenon Affecting Perceived Time / Horenstein, Stephen. 


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