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The first book of soprano solos : complete : parts I, II, and III / compiled by Joan Frey Boytim.

Boytim, Joan Frey. 
ISBN 1480333212
Publicerad: New York : G. Schirmer, Inc., [2013]
Distribuerad: Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Corporation.
Engelska 1 score (406 pages)
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Innehållsförteckning Ämnesord
  • v. 1. The beatitudes / Albert Hay Malotte -- Bel piacere / George Frideric Handel -- Bonne nuit = Good night / Jules Massenet -- El tra la la y el punteado / Enrique Granados -- The Crucifixion / Samuel Barber ; translated by Howard Mumford Jones -- El majo discreto = My discreet sweetheart / Enrique Granados, F. Periquet ; translated by Olga Paul -- Everywhere I look! / Molly Carew -- The green dog / words and music by Herbert Kingsley -- Have you seen but a white lily grow / [words by] Ben Johnson -- Hear my cry, O God / C©♭sar Franck -- Heffle Cuckoo Fair / Martin Shaw, Rudyard Kipling -- The k'e / Celius Dougherty -- I love all graceful things / Eric H. Thiman, Kathleen Boland -- Into the night / words and music by Clara Edwards -- Let my song fill your heart / words and music by Ernest Charles -- Minnelied / Felix Mendelssohn -- Let us dance, let us sing / Henry Purcell -- Lied der Mignon = Mignon's song / Franz Schubert -- A little china figure / Franco Leoni, Ethel Lindsay -- Little elegy / John Duke, Elinor Wylie -- Love has eyes / Sir Henry Bishop, Charles Dibdin -- Lullaby / Cyril Scott, Christina Rossetti -- The mermaid's song / Franz Joseph Haydn -- Night is falling : based on the serenade from the string quartet op. 3, no. 5 / Franz Joseph Haydn ; arranged by Pauline Viardot-Garcia ; English text by Willis Wager ; French and Italian texts by Louis Pomey -- My Johann : Norwegian dance / Edvard Grieg ; adapted by Alexander Aslanoff ; [words by] Adele Epstein -- O peace, thou fairest child of heaven / Thomas Arne ; arranged by Guy Warrack ; [words] by James Thomson and Davis Mallet -- Si mes vers avaient des ailes! = Were my songs with wings provided / Reynaldo Hahn -- Oh, what a beautiful city! / arranged by Edward Boatner -- Piercing eyes / Franz Joseph Haydn -- Azor' and Zemira. Rose softly blooming / Louis Spohr -- Waldensamkeit = The quiet of the woods / Max Reger -- Water parted from the sea / Thomas Arne -- When I have sung my songs / words and music by Ernest Charles.
  • v. 2. Animal crackers / Richard Hageman, Christopher Morley -- L'allegro. Come and trip it / George Frideric Handel ; arranged by Mary Carmichael -- Andenken (I think of thee) / Ludwig van Beethoven, Friedrich von Matthison -- Ave Marie (O Lord, most holy) / Franz Abt -- Charmant papillon = Charming butterfly / Andr©♭ Campra ; English text by Mrs. O.B. Boise -- Come to the fair / Easthope Martin, Helen Taylor -- The crying of water / Louis Campbell-Tipton, Arthur Symons -- Here amid the shady woods / George Frideric Handel, Thomas Morell -- Drift down, drift down : winter / Landon Ronald, Harold Simpson -- Ges©£ Bambino = The infant Jesus / Pietro Yon, Frederick H. Martens -- Grandma / Theodore Chanler, Leonard Feeney -- L'heure exquise = The hour of dreaming / Reynaldo Hahn ; translation by Theodore Baker -- How lovely are thy dwellings / Samuel Liddle -- Ich liebe dich = I love you / Ludwig van Beethoven ; poem by Herrosee ; English by Lorraine Noel Finley -- Intorno all'idol mio = Caressing mine idol's pillow / Marc Antonio Cesti ; English version by Theodore Baker -- Lachen und weinen = Laughing and crying / Franz Schubert, Friedrich R©ơckert ; translation by Joan Boytim -- The last rose of summer / Richard Alfred Miliken ; setting by Friedrich von Flotow ; [words by] Thomas Moore -- No flower that blows / Thomas Linley -- A nun takes the veil / Samuel Barber, Gerard Manley Hopkins -- Nur wer die sehnsucht kennt = None but the lonely heart / Pyoter Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ; translated by Arthur Westbrook -- Orpheus with his lute / William Schuman, William Shakespeare -- O Saviour, hear me! / Christoph Willibald Gluck ; arranged by Dudley Buck -- La pastorella = The shephard maid / Franz Schubert, Carlo Goldoni ; English text by Lorraine Noel Finley -- Petit No©±l = Little Noel / Emile Louis, Theophile Gautier ; English version by Margaret Aliona Dole -- The prayer perfect / Oley Speaks, James Whitcomb Riley -- Per non penar = For my heart's peace / Emanuele d'Astorga ; English text by Nathan Haskell Dole -- To a wild rose / Edward MacDowell ; transcribed by R.H. Elkin ; [words by] Hermann Hagedorn -- Quella barbara catena = This hard bondage / Francesco Ciampi ; English version by Nathan Kaskell Dole -- Romance / Claude Debussy, Paul Bourget ; translation by M. Louise Baum -- Seligkeit = Bliss / Franz Schubert, Ludwig Heinrich Christoph H©œlty -- Solvejg's song / Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen ; English version by Arthur Westbrook -- A spirit flower / Louis Campbell-Tipton, B. Martin Stanton -- When daisies pied / Thomas AugustineArne, William Shakespeare -- When I was seventeen / [words by] H. Lilljebj©œrn ; English version by Marion Bromley Newton.
  • v. 3. Art thou troubled? / George Frideric Handel ; English version by W.G. Rothery -- My mother bids me bind my hair = Bind' auf dein Haar / Franz Joseph Haydn, Anne Hunter -- Bluebird / Rudolph Schirmer -- A brown bird singing / Haydn Wood, Royden Barrie -- For my soul thirsteth for God : Psalm 42 / Felix Mendelssohn -- The green cathedral / Carl Hahn, Gordon Johnstone -- I will lay me down in peace (o God of my righteousness) / Maurice Greene -- St. Paul. I will sing of thy great mercies / Felix Mendelssohn -- In meinem garten die nelken = My treasured flowers are dying / Robert Franz, Emanuel von Geibel -- Love among the daffodils / Eric Coates, Edward Teschemacher -- Maman, dites-moi = Mother please explain / harmonized by Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin ; English version by Sigmund Spaeth -- May-Day carol / transcribed and harmonized by Deems Taylor -- The merry widow waltz / Franz Leh©Łr ; arranged by H.M. Higgs ; English words by Adrian Ross -- Mother sorrow / Edvard Grieg ; English version by Joan Boytim -- Il neige = 'Tis snowing / Hermann Bemberg ; English version by R.H. Elkin -- Nuit d'©♭toiles = Lovely night of stars / Claude Debussy, Th©♭odore de Banville ; English version by Susanna Myers -- Praise / George Dyson, George Herbert -- The pool of quietness / Thomas Vincent Cator, Grace Wallace -- Ridente la calma = How calm is my spirit / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- Der Sandmann = The sand-man / Robert Schumann, Gustave Herrmann Kletka ; English version by Frederic Field Bullard -- Se meritar potessi = If only by deserving / Domenico Bruni ; English version by Nathan Haskell Dole -- Sound the flute! / Celius Dougherty, William Blake -- Spleen / Lady Dean Paul Poldowski, Paul Verlaine ; English version by Harry Goldby -- Sur la terrasse de Saint Germain = On the terrasse of Saint-Germain / F©♭lix Fourdrain -- Star vicino = Let me linger near thee / Anonymous ; English version by May Byron -- To a little child / Clara Edwards -- The time for making songs has come / James H. Rogers, Hermann Hagedorn -- La vezzosa pastorella = In the cool and dewy morning / Domenico Bruni ; English version by Nathan Haskell Dole -- The merry widow. Vilia / Franz Leh©Łr ; simplified piano arrangement by H.M. Higgs ; English words by Adrian Ross -- Waters ripple and flow / harmonized by Deems Taylor -- Welcome, pretty primrose / Ciro Pinsuti -- When Jesus walked on Galilee / Clara Edwards, Warren Charles Klein -- The willow song / Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, William Shakespeare -- Under the greenwood tree / Thomas Augustine Arne, William Shakespeare.


Songs (High voice) with piano.  (LCSH)
Sacred songs (High voice) with piano.  (LCSH)


783 (DDC)
Xo(s) (kssb/8)
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