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The cultural dynamics of shell-matrix sites / [edited by] Mirjana Roksandic, Sheila Mendonça de Souza, Sabine Eggers, Meghan Burchell, and Daniela Klokler

Roksandic, Mirjana (redaktör/utgivare)
Souza, Sheila M. Ferraz Mendonça de (redaktör/utgivare)
Eggers, Sabine, 1961- (redaktör/utgivare)
Burchell, Meghan (redaktör/utgivare)
Klokler, Daniela (redaktör/utgivare)
ISBN 978-0-8263-5456-3 (cloth alkaline paper)
Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 2014
Engelska xv, 368 pages
  • Bok
Innehållsförteckning Sammanfattning Ämnesord
  • Introduction: Cultural Dynamics of Shell-Matrix Sites : Diverse Perspectives on Biological Remains from Shell Mounds and Shell Middens / Mirjana Roksandic, Sheila Mendonça de Souza, Daniela Klokler, Sabine Eggers, and Meghan Burchell -- Part I. Typology and Function -- Factors Influencing the Formation of Large Shell Mounds in California's Santa Barbara Channel Region / Todd J. Braje, Jon M. Erlandson, and Torben C. Rick -- The Key Marco Site, A Planned Shell-Mound Community on the Southwest Florida Coast / Randolph J. Widmer -- Ringed Shell Features of the Southeast United States : Architecture and Midden / Michael Russo -- Shell Rings of the Lower Atlantic Coast of the United States : Defining Function by Contrasting Details, with Reference to Ecuador, Columbia, and Japan / Rebecca Saunders -- Late Holocene Coastal Economies and the Anadara granosa-Dominated Shell Mounds of Northern Australia : Evidence from Blue Mud Bay, Northeast Arnhem Land / Patrick A. Faulkner -- Shell Middens in Western Algarve (Southern Portugal) During the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic : Functionality, Subsistence, and Material Culture / Maria João Valente, Rebecca Dean, and António Faustino Carvalho -- Were Sambaqui People Buried in the Trash? Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, and the Evolution of the Interpretation of Brazilian Shell Mounds / Maria Dulce Gaspar, Daniela Klokler, and Paulo DeBlasis -- Part II. People and Burials -- Cultural Formation Processes of the Bioarchaeological Record of a Brazilian Shell Mound / Mercedes Okumura and Sabine Eggers -- The Skeletal Assemblage and Burial Ritual at the Site of Cabeço da Amoreira : the 1960s Excavations by Veiga Ferreira and Roche / Mirjana Roksandic and Mary Jackes -- New Photographic Evidence on the 1954 Excavations at Moita do Sebastião, Muge, Portugal / Mary Jackes, Pedro Alvim, José Antonio Anacleto, and Mirjana Roksandic -- A Ritually Constructed Shell Mound : Feasting at the Jabuticabeira II Site / Daniela Klokler -- Sambaqui People, the Shell-Mound Builders of Brazil : A Challenge for Paleodemographers / Sheila Maria Ferraz Mendonça de Souza -- Do Cultural Markers Reflect Biological Affinities? A Test Using Prehistoric Ceramist and Non-Ceramist Groups from Coastal Brazil / Mercedes Okumura -- General Considerations about the Bioarchaeological Contexts in Patagonian Coast Shell Middens / Jorge A. Suby and Ricardo A. Guichón Part III. Subsistence and Ecology -- Shell Middens, Vertebrate Fauna, and Northwest Coast Subsistence : Intensification and Generalization of Prehistoric Northwest Coast Economies / Trevor J. Orchard and Terence N. Clark -- The Riverine Sambaqui : Zooarchaeological Studies of Inland Brazilian Shell Mounds / Levy Figuti and Claudia Plens -- Shellfish and Resource Sustainability on the Central Northwest Coast of North America / Phoebe Daniels -- Biogeochemical Signatures of Marine and Estuarine Bivalves : Implications for Interpreting Seasonality at Shell-Midden Sites Using High-Resolution Stable Isotope Sclerochronology / Meghan Burchell, Nadine Hallmann, Bernd R. Schöne, Aubrey Cannon, and Henry P. Schwarcz -- Mesolithic and Neolithic Shell Middens in Western Scotland : A Comparative Analysis of Shellfish Exploitation Patterns / Catriona Pickard and Clive Bonsall -- Ethnoarchaeology and Residue Analysis in Fisher-Hunter-Gatherer Sites : A Pilot Study / Ivan Briz i Godino, Débora Zurro, Myrian Álvarez, and Marco Madella -- Micro-Remains Trapped in Dental Calculus Reveal Plants Consumed by Brazilian Shell-Mound Builders / Célia H.C. Boyadjian and Sabine Eggers -- Landscape and Use of Plants by Southern and Southeastern Brazilian Shell-Mound Builders / Rita Scheel-Ybert.
  • "The excavation of shell middens and mounds is an important source of information regarding past human diet, settlement, technology, and paleoenvironments. The contributors to this book introduce new ways to study shell-matrix sites, ranging from the geochemical analysis of shellfish to the interpretation of human remains buried within. Drawing upon examples from around the world, this is one of the only books to offer a global perspective on the archaeology of shell-matrix sites; 'A substantial contribution to the literature on the subject and essential reading for archaeologists and others who work on this type of site'--Barbara Voorhies, University of California, Santa Barbara, author of Coastal Collectors in the Holocene : The Chantuto People of Southwest Mexico"-- 


Kitchen-middens  -- Analysis. (LCSH)
Kitchen-middens  -- Social aspects. (LCSH)
Fish remains (Archaeology)  (LCSH)
Human remains (Archaeology)  (LCSH)
Excavations (Archaeology)  (LCSH)
Social archaeology.  (LCSH)
Coastal archaeology.  (LCSH)
Ethnoarchaeology.  (LCSH)
Utgrävningar  (sao)
Etnoarkeologi  (sao)
Social arkeologi  (sao)
Mänskliga kvarlevor  (sao)
Kökkenmöddingar  -- sociala aspekter (sao)
Human remains (Archaeology)  (LCSH)
Ethnoarchaeology  (LCSH)
Excavations (Archaeology)  (LCSH)
Social archaeology  (LCSH)


CC77.S5 (LCC)
930.1 (DDC)
J:dd (kssb/8)
J.02 (kssb/8)
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