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The industrialisation of Soviet Russia. [Elektronisk resurs] Soviet agriculture 1931-1933 v. 5 The years of hunger / R. W. Davies, Stephen G. Wheatcroft.

Davies, R. W., 1925- (författare)
Wheatcroft, Stephen G. (författare)
ISBN 9780230273979
Publicerad: Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan : 2010
Engelska 578 p.
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  • List of Tables Preface The Second Collectivisation Drive, 1931 The Second Phase of Dekulakisation, 1931 The 1931 Grain Harvest Grain Collections from the 1931 Harvest The 1932 Grain Harvest Grain Collections from the 1932 Harvest The 1933 Grain Harvest Grain Collections from the 1933 Harvest Crops Other than Grain The Livestock Disaster The Sovkhozy The Kolkhozy The Famine in Perspective Appendix: A Note on the Grain Harvests Tables Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations used in Text Abbreviations of Titles of Books and Periodical Publications used in Footnotes Bibliography Name Index Subject Index.
  • Planned as a number of independent volumes, this work covers the years 1929-1937, the crucial period of the first two five-year plans. In these years the Soviet Union became a great industrial power, and the economic system took the form which, inits main features, it retained until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Agriculture was collectivised and the whole economy was subordinated to central state planningl the Stalinist political regime was consolidated a new social structure emerged. This was the first attempt of a major country to manage economic and social development by a comprehensive plan. The weaknesses which ultimately led to its failure may partly be traced back to the 1930s: the tendency to overinvestment and overtaut planning, the inability to innovate, and the frustration of the grandiose efforts to modernise agriculture. While the Soviet system ultimately failed, Soviet industrialisation was a crucial stage in spreading the economic and social transformation which began in England in the middle of the eighteenth century to the thousands of millions of peasants who lived on the borders of starvation in Asia, Africa and Latin America. 1 THE SOCIALIST OFFENSIVE: The Collectivisation of Soviet Agriculture, 1929-1930 2 THE SOVIET COLLECTIVE FARM, 1929-1930 3 THE SOVIET ECONOMY IN TURMOIL, 1929-1930 4 CRISIS AND PROGRESS IN THE SOVIET ECONOMY, 1931-1933 5 THE YEARS OF HUNGER: Soviet Agriculture, 1931-1933 (With Stephen G. Wheatcroft) 6 GROWTH, PURGES AND THE THREAT OF WAR: The Soviet Economy, 1933-1937 (in preparation) (with Oleg V. Khlevnyuk and Stephen G. Wheatcroft). 
  • 'A truly remarkable contribution to research into this important field.' - Robert Conquest, Hoover Institution Reviews of The Soviet Economy in Turmoil, 1929-1930 (volume 3 of the Industrialisation of Soviet Russia) 'Like the first two volumes in this series, this volume is a model of vigorous scholarship. Davies' research is impeccable, and simply unsurpassed in Western Sovietology. The writing is clear and often gripping.' - Lynne Viola, Russian History 'If the purpose of understanding the past is to better understand the present, then this book will be important reading for all interested in the Soviet industrialisation process and both its short-term and long-term outcomes. This book is a worthy fourth volume to the Industrialisation of Soviet Russia series. It is surely destined to become the standard work on its subject.' - Robert C. Stuart, American Historical Review 'This volume enormously enhances our understanding of Stalin's great breakthrough. Surely this is required reading for all concerned with the Stalin years.' - Hirokai Kuromiya, Russian Review Reviews of Crisis and Progress in the Soviet Economy, 1931-1933 (volume 4 of the Industrialisation of Soviet Russia) 'Davies thus manages to convey not only the substance but also the passion of policymaking, not only the (generally) failing living standards of most soviet citizens but also their strategies for coping when they could cope; and not only the amplitudes of production but also the texture of the time. The complimentary volume on agriculture is eagerly awaited.' - Lewis Siegelbaum, The Russian Review 'With his usual calm approach, free of politicising, the author, firmly grounded in his subject, describes in detail all the main aspects of the economic history of the three years in which Soviet society survived another crisis and the foundations were laid for future economic growth.' - Svobodnaya mysl (Moscow) 'Robert Davies is unquestionably among the most prolific and distinguished scholars in the field of history and the leading authority on Soviet industrialisation. His multi-volume history of the Soviet economy during the 1930s is not only a mammoth undertaking, but one of great importance to our understanding of Stalinism and Soviet history more generally.' - David L. Hoffmann '...Davies has made another enormous contribution to our understanding of Soviet industrialisation. We eagerly look forward to future volumes in this series.' - David L. Hoffmann, Slavic Review '... anyone who wants to follow in detail the economic and demographic history of the rural transformation of Soviet Russia can do no better than consult this magisterial volume.' - Peter Gatrell, Business History. 


Industries  -- Soviet Union. (LCSH)
History.  (ukslc)
Industrialisation & industrial history  -- USSR, Soviet Union -- 20th century, c 1900 to c 1999 -- Inter-war period c 1919 to c 1939. (thema)
European history  -- USSR, Soviet Union -- 20th century, c 1900 to c 1999 -- Inter-war period c 1919 to c 1939. (thema)


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