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Ethnobiology and biocultural diversity : proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Ethnobiology / edited by John R. Stepp, Felice S. Wyndham, and Rebecca Zarger with assistance from Mika Cohen and Sarah Lee ; with a foreword by Elois Ann Berlin and Brent Berlin.

International Congress of Ethnobiology (7th : 2000 : Athens, Ga.)
Stepp, John R. (redaktör/utgivare)
Wyndham, Felice S. (redaktör/utgivare)
Zarger, Rebecca K. (redaktör/utgivare)
International Society of Ethnobiology. 
ISBN 0-8203-2349-7 (alk paper)
Athens, GA : International Society of Ethnobiology : c2002.
Engelska xiv, 720 p.
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Innehållsförteckning Ämnesord
  • Section I: Intellectual property rights and benefits sharing. Traditional environmental knowledge : alienable or inalienable intellectual property / E.S. Hunn ; Legal entities as a flexible tool in benefits sharing programs / M.J. Huft ; The evolution of University of Illinois' policy of benefit-sharing in research on natural products / D.D. Soejarto ... [et al.] ; Lease, contract, and license : an introduction to alternative mechanisms for protecting the intellectual property of American Indians in the context of the Human Genome Project / D.J. Stephenson Jr. ; Shamanic knowledge and power in Brazilian court cases in the new millennium / M.L. Ferreira ; A call for dialogue : state of the art conference on ethnobioprospecting and benefits sharing -- Section II: Biocultural diversity and conservation. Where biological and cultural diversity converge : safeguarding endemic species and languages on the Colorado Plateau / G.P. Nabhan, P. Pynes and T. Joe ; Bio-cultural diversity and development of China's western provinces / S. Pei ; Tribal wisdom and conservation of biological diversity : the Indian scenario / R.R. Rao ; An ethnobiological survey of the environmental protection area of Guaraqueçaba-Paraná, Brazil / R.X. De Lima ... [et al.] ; Biodiversity conservation : a new view from Mexico / E.N. Anderson ; Economic alternatives protect the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador / J. Logback ... [et al.] -- Section III: General ethnobiology. Cherokee system of folk botanical classification from the archival materials of James Mooney / D. Cozzo ; Altar rituals in thirdspace / C.T. Fowler ; Wasps' claws and jaguars' whiskers : animal names in Tzeltal Maya ethnobotanical nomenclature / J.R. Stepp ; Mycophobic or mycophilic? A comparative ethnomycological study between Amazonia and Mesoamerica / C. Mapes ... [et al.] ; The relevance of myths and worldviews in Pälawan classification, perceptions, and management of honey bees / D. Novellino ; Is the traditional knowledge of insects important? / E. Motte-Florac and J. Ramos-Elorduy ; Tapping ancestral genes in plant breeding : an alternative to GMO crops / M.W. Eubanks -- Section IV: Ethnobiology and health. Nutrition and medicine : an integrated approach to human health in traditional systems / C.S. Kabuye and G.W. Ngugi ; Creating an ethnobotanical information bank : proposed methodologies and contents for an ethnomedical information bank / Y. Wang, X. Jianchu and S. Pei ; Ethnobiology of parasitosis : the case of two Mbyá-Guaraní communities in the province of Misiones, Argentina / M. Crivos ... [et al.] ; Therapeutic evaluation of hepatitis remedies : the usefulness of ethnomedical focusing techniques / M. Elvin-Lewis ... [et al.] ; Ethnobiological perceptions and beliefs that may encourage the use of "dry sex" traditional medicines among Zambian women / M. Mbikusita-Lewanika and S. Hart -- Section V: Medical ethnobiology. Uterine stimulating effects of crude latex of Carica papaya L. (with reference to its indigenous use as an abortifacient) / A. Adebiyi ... [et al.] ; Amanyi ge ddagala ely obuwanguwa : ebimera nga ddagala ne obutwa we Uganda = Strength from traditions : a selection of medicinal and toxic plants of Uganda for a joint public health effort / F.A. Hamill ... [et al.] ; Monkey ethnobotany : preserving biocultural diversity in Amazonia / L.A. Cormier ; Nature's Madison Avenue : sensory cues as mnemonic devices in the transmission of medicinal plant knowledge among the Matisgenka and Yora of Peru / G.H. Shepard Jr. ; The transfer of traditional phytomedical knowledge among the Warao of northeastern Venezuela / W. Wilbert -- Section VI: Economic ethnobiology. Pragmatic uses of cochineal (Homoptera Dactylopiidae) / J.M. Pino Moreno and J. Ramos-Elorduy ; Breu resin harvest by Tembé Indians and its dependence on a bark-boring beetle / C. Plowden, C. Uhl and F. de Assis Oliveira ; Sustainability of the traditional management of xa'an palms by the lowland Maya of Yucatan, Mexico / A. Martinez-Balleste ... [et al.] ; Betelnut of Yap : the significance of a smallholder crop / S.M.H. Stone ; Utilization of raised insect by-products to increase crops productivity / J. Ramos-Elorduy ... [et al.] ; The informal trade of Cassipourea flanaganii as a cosmetic in South Africa / M.L. Cocks and A.P. Dold -- Section VII: Historical ethnobiology. Long-term influences of ancient Maya agroforestry practices on tropical forest biodiversity in northwestern Belize / D.L. Lentz ... [et al.] ; Ancestral futures? Historical ecology in the north Ecuadorian sierra / B. Campbell ; Symbioses among Navajo herders, plants, and livestock / L.A. Kuznar ; Evidence of seasonal hunger in the oral traditions of Jamaicans : an ethnobiological perspective / J. Rashford ; Patterns and processes of indigenous burning : how to read landscape signatures of past human practices / L.E. Storm -- Section VIII: Traditional ecological knowledge. Ethnoecology : a conceptual framework for the study of indigenous knowledge of nature / V.M. Toledo ; Linking traditional knowledge and wisdom to ecosystem based approaches in research and management : supporting a marginalized way of knowing / L. Merculieff ; Traditional ethnobotanical knowledge loss and gender among the Piaroa / S. Heckler ; The transmission of traditional plant knowledge in community contexts : a human ecosystem perspective / F.S. Wyndham -- Section IX: Mesoamerican ethnoecology. Mesoamerican ethnoecology : a review of the state of the art / V.M. Toledo ... [et al.] ; Participatory ethnoecological research for conservation : lessons from case studies in Mesoamerica / T. Ticktin ... [et al.] ; Lacandon Maya intergenerational change and the erosion of folk biological knowledge / N. Ross ; Acquisition and transmission of subsistence knowledge by Q'eqchi' Maya in Belize / R.K. Zarger ; Evidence for the precocious acquisition of plant knowledge by Zapotec children / E.S. Hunn ; What's in a name? Plant lexical variation among the Q'eqchi' Maya, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala / D.A. Collins and J.R. Liukkonen -- Section X: Traditional agriculture and home gardens. Homegardens of Maya migrants in the district of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico : implications for sustainable rural development / C.R. Vogl, B.N. Vogl-Lukasser and J. Caballero ; Homegarden composition on small peasant farms in the Alpine regions of Osttirol (Austria) and their role in sustainable rural development / B.N. Vogl-Lukasser, C.R. Vogl and H. Bolhàr-Nordenkampf ; Why plants have meanings / G.E. Wagner ; Local knowledge and diversity of barley (Hordeum vulgare L., Poaceae) in the central part (North Shewa) of Ethiopia / F. Kebebew, Z. Gebeyaw and Y. Tsehaye ; Local and regional landrace disappearance in species of Dioscorea L. (yams) in southwest Ethiopia : causes of agrobiodiversity loss and strategies for conservation / E. Hildebrand, S. Demissew and P. Wilkin ; Landscape domestication among two Mbyá-Guaraní communities in Misiones, Argentina / M.L. Pochettino, M.R. Martínez and M. Crivos ; An ethnobotanical survey of traditional food use in an ethnic Albanian community of southern Italy / A. Pieroni and M. Heinrich.


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