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Person: Johannes de Sacrobosco, d. 1256

Other names
Sacro Bosco, Johannes von, d. 1256
Johannes von Sacrobosco, d.1256
Johannes de Sacrobusto, d.1256
Sacro Busto, Johannes de, d.1256
Sacro Bosco, Johannes de, d.1256
Sacro-Bosco, Johannes de, d.1256
Sacrobosco, Johannes von, d.1256
Sacrobusco, Johannes de, d.1256
Sacro Bosco, Joannes de, d.1256
Sacro Busto, Joannes de, d.1256
Sacro Bosto, Joannes de, d.1256
Sacrobosco, Johannes de, d.1256
Sacrobusto, Johannes de, d.1256
Johannes von Holywood, d.1256
Johannes von Halifax, d.1256
John of Holywalde, d.1256
Jean de Holybusch, d.1256
John of Holybush, d.1256
Jean de Holywood, d.1256
Johannes Anglus, d.1256
John Holywood, d.1256